So what is really the flaming difference between DVD-R DL (spoken as "DVD R DL") and DVD+R DL (spoken as "DVD plus R DL")? Is there a difference? Is one faster? Is one a better quality? Is one able to hold more data? Is one... the questions go on and on and on.

The answer is, "No." There is really no difference that should really matter to the masses - or even the more technologically oriented individuals in the world, for that matter. Yes, there are many video geeks who tend to side with one or the other for various reasons. I can't help what they think. I can only tell you what I think. So here goes.

I prefer DVD+R DL to the DVD-R DL. By the way, the "DL" stands for "dual layer" or "double layer." These actually do hold considerably more than the older generations of DVD-R and DVD+R. As far as dual layer DVD formats, the DVD-R DL is slightly less popular. The DVD-R DL holds slightly less data. And... the DVD-R DL is compatible with slightly fewer models... maybe. But, for the most part, these differences are extremely negligible differences. Also, some people say that the DVD-R DL format is less expensive. Overall, that may be true. But again it is an issue that is not really anything to be concerned about. Not really.

Which manufacturer would I recommend? I hear a lot of people recommending Sony or Verbatim. That's a whole other debate. Actually, the names you see on a lot of blank DVD media are not actually the name of the manufacturer. They are more like the "distributor" of the DVD. A bunch of companies in the East actually make the discs and sell the discs to the "distributors." Most people will say, however, Taiyo Yuden JVC or Verbatim are the best bets. They seem to have the most consistent and high quality product. Not Sony. Nope. Not Sony.

So, even though none of this really matters. I recommend the following.

  1. Pick a format.
  2. Pick a manufacturer.
  3. Use that format and manufacturer consistently.

After you do your research, make your comparisons, and maybe test some out, you will be ready to decide for yourself if this bloody debate between DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL. I think you will agree that it doesn't really matter. My philosophy is to pick one and stick with it. I believe that is the best way to achieve consistently reliable results.

I love DVD and I also love transferring my old VHS to DVD and Super 8 movies to DVD. I wish you success in whatever DVD projects you are working. Good luck!