Here is an interesting thought about the war between DVD's and Blu-Ray. Where will it lead us? To answer that I thought I would share some research and experiences of both products. Hopefully this will assist you if you are trying to decide whether or not to make the change to Blu-Ray. Personally I am happy with the good old DVD but I have noticed some advantages of Blu-Ray. Here is what I have discovered.

Blu-Ray of course is new and has been slowly working its way into the entertainment storage industry. The advantage really of this media form is the storage it can hold. In most cases; close to double that of a DVD. This can be a huge advantage to the entertainment companies as they can add more things to their releases. Things like games, pictures, and reviews, or documentaries and still have space for a high quality movie. This is good for us the viewers as well. It can allow more interactivity between the movie and the viewer. Right now you can do all kinds of things while watching a movie. It just depends on what the company that produced the movie decides to add to the disk. In the future maybe instead of just watching the movie you can interact with scenes in the movie in certain places and effect the outcome. That would be pretty cool. These are all things that larger storage space could eventually provide. That would be pretty neat wouldn't it? If you could play a part or decide the outcome of a certain scene? We can already do that on games and Blu-ray has already started playing a role in gaming with the release of the Xbox 360 and Ps3.

So what about the good old standard DVD? Well it is still out in force. The DVD has also continued to make advances in its own rights. Storage and quality have both increased giving it some of the same advantages of Blu-Ray. Another huge advantage of DVDs are the fact that most of us do not need to purchase new equipment to use them. On top of that you can find a larger variety of media on DVDs; including games, and programs for computers. That is one of the good things about the DVD; its proliferation into the market. There are so many things that they are used for that it makes it just convenient to keep using them. I guess the only negative that I can think of right now is that they are damaged easily. It is too easy to scratch the surface; and once that happens the quality is effected. Of course you can be careful and care for them properly and they will last a long time.

Over all both of these media formats offer a lot. I am sure they will both continue to improve as well over time and offer more and more for our viewing and playing pleasure. Which ever one you prefer is undoubtedly working for you just the way you want. So why change right? Enjoy and have fun as always!