Dachshund Figurines Are Fun To Collect And Make A Great Gift For Doxie Lovers

If you own a dachshund, or if you happen to be owned by a dachshund, chances are you are well aware of how unique and fun loving these little four-legged creatures are. Twice as long as they are tall, doxies always seem to find their way into someone's heart. Wiener dogs, weenies, doxies– call them what you want, they are one of the most amazing dogs that anyone could ever own. You may also find that dachshund owners are biased. This is to be expected, considering the unique nature of their pets and some of the experiences that they go through as owners. Many doxie lovers have an ever-growing collection of dachsund collectibles, which usually highlight the unique shape of these dogs. Once you buy a dachshund collectible, dachshund jewelry or a dachshund figurine or two, it's hard to stop. 

Anyone who owns a wiener dog knows that this breed can be particularly stubborn. Many dachshund owners will laugh when you use the word “train” and “doxie” in the same sentence, because they realize that their stubbornness can make them extremely difficult to train. To further evidence of this idea, there are even special books about dachshund housebreaking that specializes in the subject matter. Another issue with dachshunds is their almost uncontrollable urge to dig holes. They do not discriminate; they will gladly dig a hole in any pile of dirt or grass that may be available, be it your garden, front lawn or newly planted sapling. Rather than fight the continual urge to dig, it might be a good idea if you provide your doxie with a safe place to dig holes. This is a fair compromise for both of you, and can help make your life a lot easier. Your garden and your weenie dog will thank you.

As frustrating as some of these traits may be, one quick glance at a wiener dog collectible, dachshund book or photo of a dachshund it becomes easy to forget about what you were upset about in the first place. One of the nicest wiener dog gifts that I've ever received was a wiener dog keychain. It had a picture of a black and tan doxie, like I have, and a small metal wiener dog pendants on the end of it. It helps remind me of the long, warm body and wagging tail that waits for me back at home.

If you just purchased a dachshund puppy, be sure to train your puppy as early as possible. This can help prevent the development of bad habits, particularly nuisance barking. Dachshunds are known to bark relentlessly when they are bored. This is a habit that frequently starts during early adulthood, and needs to be dealt with before it gets out of control. Due to their barrel shaped chest, these dogs bark much louder than you might imagine they would. They're loud, deep bark makes for an excellent watchdog, but can also be a nuisance when you don't want to hear it anymore. Chances are, when someone is at the door, your doxie will be well aware of their presence long before you are.

Do not let the size of a miniature dachshund fool you. These little guys are extremely active and need room to run. Keeping a wiener dog in a small apartment might be okay, as long as you make sure to let the matter regular basis and give them the exercise that they crave. They love to run, love to dig and love to play with water. If you do not give your dog the opportunity to run off some of their energy outside, they can easily become destructive inside. This can lead to nuisance behavior, but is completely preventable if you are proactive.

Don't Dachshunds Bark Relentlessly?

Unfortunately, nuisance dachshund barking can land even the most beautiful doxies in a local shelter or dachshund rescue. Unfortunately, not all doxies find new homes. Those who wish to adopt rescued dachshunds are admirable, however; rescue dachshunds often have behavioral problems that need to be corrected by their new owner.  These animals require a firm but loving hand to teach them what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is unacceptable. This is much easier said than done. Understanding how to train a rescue pet requires extensive knowledge, experience and handling of this breed and should not be attempted by a novice wiener dog owner.

It is for this reason that when you choose to welcome a wiener dog into your home, make sure that you have the time to train them and give them the love and care that they need in order to prevent nuisance dog behavior. With plenty of time, attention and a good, solid training program, you are sure to enjoy your dachshund for a very long time.

Dachshund Collectibles

Dachshund collectibles make great gifts.