What Is a Dachshund Terrier?

Dachshunds and Yorkshire  Terriers are popular dog breeds that are found commonly in households around the world. A Dachshund Terrier is a mix between the two breeds and is also extremely popular amongst dog lovers. You will find them in various colors including black, brown and sometimes tan. Common names for them are Dorkie and Doxie Scott which is what most people refer to them as. They very small and compact in size and liked by people who prefer to hold their dogs in their arms especially ladies

What Do I Need To Know About Designer Dogs?

Designer dogs are very popular because of the fact that they bring the best of two breeds into a single dog. They are usually a mix of two popular breeds and you can find the traits of both breeds in the dog. These dogs are called designer dogs because of the latest trend by which people prefer these dogs.

How Big Will My Puppy Get?

The Dorkie puppy can measure about 7 inches and 11 lbs in weight. When you see them you will notice that they have a short structure like Dachshunds although they have a long elongated body like Terriers. They ears are peculiar like Dachshunds and flop down but you will also find mixed dogs that have the Terrier's ears.

What Will The Coat Be Like? 

The coat will be very similar to the Dachshund?s coat and can be long, smooth and silky, and sometimes can be very coarse and wiry. They come in various colors including brown, black and tan which are colors that you find in both Dachshunds and Terriers.

Are There Any Specific Coat Concerns Should Be Aware Of?

There are no specific concerns because the coat can be easily cared for and maintained without any problems. It is very fluffy and soft and is in fact one of the smoothest coats amongst all dog breeds. Some of these dogs may have longer coats which need to be trimmed but other than that there are no issues to take care of.

What Will My Dog's Personality Be Like?

The Dorkies are very clever and affectionate and good to have in the household. They crave a lot of attention and snap out barking when they see a stranger approaching. They?re good with children but if you pay too much attention to your kids and ignore the dog they will get very annoyed. They can be very stubborn at times and hence you must make sure that you train them very well. Dorkies are also very proud and brave dogs and need to be frequently praised and rewarded.

While being very friendly and sociable they bark a lot when they are alone. They have a very sharp bark which could be very disturbing in a quiet environment. Their size is misleading because they do have a very loud bark.  They can become very good guard dogs because of the fact that they are extremely alert all the time. Since the Dachshund Terriers are very intelligent you can train them to a lot of tricks. 

How Much Exercise Will My Dog Need?

Even as a puppy you will notice that they are extremely energetic and active. You have to take your dog them for regular walks and this is one mixed breed that needs plenty of open space. They can keep themselves occupied for hours if you have enough space at home. These are characteristics that are also displayed in their parent breeds. If they remain active and healthy they can live a long life to up to 15 or 20 years.

What Are Common Health Concerns?

The Dachshund Terriers have a long spinal cord but a small rib cage. They are prone to illnesses that pertain to the spine including slipped disc and back problems. Other than that they usually very healthy and do not fall ill easily.

How Do I Know If These Dogs Are Right for Me?

The Dorkies are excellent company to have at home as they will keep you always entertained. They love children and can play with them for hours. They also very low maintenance dogs with only basic grooming and an occasional nail clipping that is required. These dogs like to be inside homes and prefer people to be around them, and make for ideal apartment dogs. Since they have high energy they need regular exercise in the form of long walks.