Looking for some great Dad Christmas gift ideas? Then here are just a few that will be a welcome gift idea this year. Instead of the old standby gifts, such as a tie or wallet, how about figuring out just what he likes and working with that. With the internet, you can make some of these ideas a quick purchase or use it for research.

So, you need to start a bit early so you can and find a great Dad Christmas gift. Here are some ideas.

Magazines Subscriptions

With the internet, you can search his favorite sport or hobby, and their is bound to be a magazine out that that you can subscribe to for a great Christmas gift for Dad. Take a look in Amazon, they have subscriptions, or you can check at your local book store and see if they have the magazines you want there.

If they have the magazine, you could purchase the present issue, and then subscribe to the magazine with the information inside. Wrap up the magazine and let him know in a card that more will be on the way. If you purchase the subscription via the internet, they will quite often send you a nice Christmas card to give to your Dad letting him know about the great gift you just got him.

Gift for Dad - Round of Golf Certificate

Dad Christmas gift ideas, don't have to come in a box, they can be a gift to do something they really enjoy such as golfing or any other sport. You can head to his favorite golf course and they will carry gift certificates. This makes a great Dad Christmas gift idea, that you know they will love.

Premium Channel Subscription

If you have satellite or cable TV, then you can find out if they carry a channel that supports things he likes to see, such as a full sports channel, or race car channel. You can call the company and ask for this channel to be effective on Christmas day. You could then write up your own card explaining the gift to him.

Dad Christmas Gift Ideas - Park Certificate

If your Dad likes to hike, or kayak or cross country ski, then you can get a year subscription to a local park. Just check online with the Park Authority and they will tell you just how to get one. This saves on the park entrance, and with a yearly subscription, they will get a card, and can go as many times as they want. This makes a great gift that they will feel all year!

Favorite Beer

Dad Christmas gift ideas, can sometimes be hard. If your dad is not into sports or TV, or parks, then just what do you get? Does he like beer? Find out a premium brand that he would not normally buy himself, and get him a variety of beer, along with a great beer stein or a personalized beer mug.


Does he like to have fun with you kids? Do you think he would like to go to a paintball arena for fun? Then you can get gift certificates for this indoor or outdoor fun, then get one for yourself too, and go along for the fun.

Go Carts

There are more and more indoor and outdoor go cart tracks, that can be fun for Dad. You can quite often get family passes, so that this would really be a family gift but is still one of those great Dad Christmas gift ideas that would not go to waste. If you go to an indoor cart track, then you can go in January, after the holidays and have a blast. This type of gift would be remembered, and would be a lot of fun.


Another great Dad Christmas gift idea, is games. If he likes Suduko, or crossword puzzles, then you can get subscriptions to these, or books off the shelf that will keep him busy for a long time. Or if he likes gadgets, you can find these online too. Find out What's New at ThinkGeek!

Photo with You

A treasured Dad Christmas gift idea, is a great photograph that maybe you have with your Dad, that you can enlarge and put in a really nice frame. This is something they may really like, and is a great gift if you are on a tight budget. A picture is worth a 1000 words, and if it was a special time with you and your dad, then it makes it the best present ever.

Restaurant Certificate

If you know his favorite restaurant, then you can get a gift certificate for there, and you could tell him it is for both of you! That way you can take Dad to dinner or lunch, as a great gift. This is good for the Dad that is hard to buy for. They would love to spend some time with you, and everyone has to eat right? So, why not make it a date, and give him the certificate either one that was purchased right from the restaurant with a dollar value on it. Or you can make up your own gift certificate, stating you will take him for dinner and pay for it.

Gift Certificates - Homemade

If you just can't come up with any Dad Christmas gift ideas, then you can always create your own gift certificate, to maybe do something for him, or take him out, or help around the house. You could offer to clean the garage, or take him to the movies, or something fun or helpful. Then on the day, make sure you get him to think about it, and come up with a date, so that this gift feels real.

Dad Christmas Gift Ideas

Sometimes Dad's can be very easy to buy for as they are involved in so many things or they can be hard to buy for, since they have everything. Hopefully the list above will give you some great ideas for Christmas gifts. Try and get creative this year. Consider your budget of course, but don't leave it until the last minute and then be stuck with that "token tie" again. Dad Christmas gifts don't have to be a material in your hand package as you can see by the above list. As long as you think of things he likes to do and go from there you will find the perfect gift.