Did the last update of Daemon Tools hijacked your Google Search from Firefox?

I have been happy user of free version of Daemon Tools software for years. The tool is doing its job great and if asked I would only recommend it as one of the best optical media emulation software there is. Having never experienced any kind of issue or underhand practise, it came to me as a bit of a surprise, when after installing the update I found my Firefox using their search for selected text. Original Search Google for "selected text" was replaced with Search Daemon Search for "selected text"

I like this feature, it so much easier to select the text in your browser, right click and have the search results open in a new tab instead of doing it all manually. However, I don't see any reason why should I believe, Daemon search will provide me with better results than Google. And the fact it all happened without my having agreed to that purposely only confirms their search is not better enough to find its way to users based on quality.

Now, it is likely true I have at some point agreed to install the feature, but frankly, who reads all the terms and conditions, especially when installing software they use for years and from provider they trust and the check box (was there any?) is not exactly shouting at your face what it's gonna do.

Never mind, the obvious task was now getting rid of the "better search from Daemon Tools" and having what I was used to, back.

Searching to get rid of the Daemon Search

First step, I learned it was likely caused by having Daemon Toolbar installed in Firefox.

So, disabled. No results. Alright. Check the settings. Nothing. OK, uninstalled from the system with Add/Remove system tool. Still fecking sitting safely there.

Check Firefox Options for settings. Nothing found. Check Daemon Tools settings. No mention of anything that would switch the bloody thing off.

Great, with the prospect of spending hours searching and reading articles and posts I learn this is not a news and I don't get why this happened to me just now, 'cause the issue is obviously years and years old. And things must have changed, because all the few advice I read is not valid anymore.

Well that does it. I'm far from being a hacker and config geek, but have fooled around with "about:config" in Firefox so let's head there and see. And there it was indeed. Having the Google Search back was a matter of seconds.

Let's do it then, shall we?

To do this, type in the Firefox address bar about:config and hit enter. You need to know very little or nothing about tweaking, however,  a bit of courage is needed to get you pass this question:

There be dragons!

So, promise you be careful.

Next thing you see, is something like:


The Filter box is where you type you query in and the list below Preference Name is where double click on the variable you need to change.

So type browser.search in the Filter box and look for browser.search.selectedEngine in the list. It should read DAEMON Search, or something like that in Value column. When found, double click the variable and a small window will come up:


Clear the text and type in Google in the box instead:


Hit OK button, close the about:config tab. There you have it. Firefox is using your Google default search engine again.

Final note and warning:

This worked for me and I didn't go any more deeper on this subject. It is possible that under different circumstances this will not work or it will be doing something else it was doing before, I can't really tell for sure. However, at worst, it probably won't change anything. Feel free to take me down in comments and offer your own solution. Have fun.