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Everyone Wants to Save a Buck

Daily deals, steals and freebies are a way of life for some; there's something about getting a good deal that gets almost anyone excited. And if you can get something for free its even better! I'm not known for being a penny-pincher but I’m frugal and always looking for the best price when I'm shopping for something. Nothing could be cornier than the old saying "A penny saved is a penny earned," but nothing could be truer. A good example is cell phones; a lot of people could shave hundreds of dollars off of their monthly bill by shopping service providers and getting rid of features they don't really use or need. And that's one example. A family who makes even a modest effort at saving money could easily bank an extra $2,000 in their account, and take that vacation after all. Saving money isn’t a fad, it’s a way of life.

But back to the focus of this article, websites which offer daily deals and even some with freebies. I've been a regular subscriber to some of these sites for a few years and have saved a lot of money because of it. In one case my son and I were about to head out on a weeklong backpacking trip but needed to upgrade some of our equipment, and thanks to my Firefox Add-on for Steep and Cheap I was able to pick up some packs and a tent for a savings of over 60%. And in cases like that I usually stick to brand name items because I'm not willing to sacrifice quality, so saving 60% is huge.

I'm not the only one wanting to save money with online deals. In an article by Don Young, Jr. over at titled "Market Live Survey Says: Consumers to Spend More and Buy More Online This Year," it was reported that "Saving money jumped to the top of the list of reasons shoppers cited for buying gifts online, rising to 79% this year from 72% a year ago." Some people use these online sites to flip daily deals merchandise (buy cheap and resell on eBay, Craigslist, etc…) which isn’t too difficult to do when you save 70% or higher off of retail for a brand name product.  Important: As Black Friday approaches look for fierce sales competition and immediately following there are always a few high quality and sought after products unloaded via the deal sites. With the holidays also approaching now is the time to get in the daily deals groove! You might even find some cool freebies.

Saving Is Always In Season

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Slick Deal For You

My Favorite Deal and Bargain Sites

Getting to the heart of this article are links to my favorite sites that have daily deals, some nice steals and even a few freebies for you. One of the best daily deal sites (those with one item a day deals) is DailySteals. For example today they had a Black & Decker JE2100 10oz Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor with a retail price of $69.99, on sale for $14.99!! That’s right, a savings of $55 (79%).

I’ve created a quick reference daily deals page for this list of sites with links to help make finding and sharing them easier (since I can't hyperlink them here… I tried). It’s also worth noting that there are hundreds of daily deal and freebies sites, but these are ones that I’ve used and know about personally. There are also a few links that are outside the scope of daily deals but which are a good source for those looking to save some money. I am not affiliated with any of these and any links go directly to their website. So here we go:

  • SlickDeals – One of my long time favorites. You can get alerts that will notify you whenever an item you’re looking for is found to be bargain priced.
  • Daily Steals – I’ve been a follower here for about 3 years now and subscribe to their daily newsletter.
  • Steep and Cheap – I like using the Firefox Add-on widget for this site so while I’m working or surfing I can see at a glance which product is on the block at any given time. They rotate sale items every 20 minutes or so, or until the stock is gone. Sometimes these items can fall into the daily steal category.
  • Deals2Buy – Another comprehensive site that I’ve used for years.
  • DealCatcher – DealCatcher is a pretty good comprehensive site as well, and one of the first I started watching. They also have an alert feature to notify you when an item on your list is bargain priced somewhere. I've definately bought some steals from here.
  • DealNews – This one is near the top of my list for a reason; it’s a solid site with really good deals at online and retail sites, and sometimes freebies.
  • 1SaleADay – One daily deal
  • Woot – Woot is one of the originals, and a fun daily deal site for sure.
  • – One daily deal
  • GraveYardMall – This is a comprehensive list of deals, and I mean comprehensive. Many of the items are sale items rather than deals or steals, but still a great resource.  While an item at any site can claim you’re saving 75%, you have to look at what they’re citing as the “original” price and use good judgment on whether a light fixture is really a bargain at $40 or not.
  • YUGster – Yours Until Gone… I like this fun site. I’ve never found a lot of items that I am interested in, but it’s worth your time to check it out now and then.
  • SaleOfToday – One daily deal
  • Deal a Day – One deal a day for geeks! Their items almost always fall into the techie category. Today they offered a 2.4GHz Wireless Surveillance Camera Kit w/2-Channel Wireless Receiver & 2 Wireless Color Cameras w/Microphone.
  • Groupon – Wildly popular, you can save some cash with this site.
  • – Another comprehensive daily deal site that is really useful with the holidays fast approaching.
  • CowBoom – "Great Deals, No Bull" is their slogan. But it seems the items they list aren’t usually high quality items or things I would buy, and I keep it in my bookmarks only because they do have some really cheap prices. Check it out for yourself.


Freebies - Giveaways - Miscellaneous Free Stuff

  • HalfOffDeals - I use this a lot! It is essentially a listing of YOUR local businesses who are offering 50% coupons. For example you can buy a $50 gift card to Whatever Steakhouse and only pay $25 for it. From car repairs to tanning salons, they have it all.
  • TotallyFreeStuff – Yep, totally free stuff. This place has a LOT so it should be on your radar of freebies sites.
  • ThunderFAP – This is a really clean and crisp site with freebies and coupons. I really like this one.
  • Fiverr - Fiverr is UNIQUE and you would be amazed at what people will do for 5 bucks! Want an Aussie to sing Happy Birthday to your child? 5 bucks. Want someone to install and set up a WordPress blog for you? 5 bucks. I’ve used it and their ordering and payment process is easy and safe. LOVE Fiverr!!!
  • FreeConferenceCall - If you have a home business or just like to chat with a few friends or family members at the same time then this is a great free service that I've used for years.
  • Giveaway of the Day - Free licensed software daily. I love this site; sometimes the software is junk but once in a while there is a really good offer. Always wait for the reviews to come in and let the “experts” save you the headache; if a program has a lot of thumbs down I pass because the last thing I want to do is crash my PC.
  • Free Mania – Freebies, freebies and more freebies. A great site!
  • - I LOVE this organization and what it represents; I've used it to give away some furniture. Instead of throwing stuff away you list it in this totally free, community-based site. It's a classified ad type site where people post items that they want to give away. You would be surprised at the free things you can find on this freebie site!
  • GetItFree – Not the largest of the freebie sites but it is clean and they offer some pretty good items.
  • – MySavings is a nice community based freebies site that brings users together to pool great finds… this one should be a regular for anyone who likes freebies.
  • AZFreeStuff – Simple but surprisingly nice.
  • ItsAllFreeOnline – From products to product codes (like a free trial at a RedBox kiosk) this is a nice site I only recently stumbled across.

Saving Money Is The Bottom Line

I think that too often people don't fully understand how much money they can really save by spending just a little bit of time shopping around. Over the years I've saved literally thousands of dollars on everything from computers to HD tv's, simply by visiting these sites and being patient. When I was shopping to buy my Weber Smoker I waited for months until I found an incredible deal. Use the sites that offer alerts for your watch items and then when a company uses that product as sales bait you can jump on it.

I hope that I've been able to point you in the right direction if you're new to the daily deals, steals and freebies segment. And if you're not new then maybe you've discovered a new site or two that you didn't know about. In the end it's about sharing our knowledge and experiences and by doing so we all benefit; because of that I really hope you'll share with us your own favorite sites that stand above the crowd and which truly offer some great daily deals, steals and freebies.