Daily writing can be a challenge for even the most seasoned writer. The most difficult aspect is almost always beginning the process. Here are some great tips to get you writing out of the gate quicker, so daily writing can be a joy instead of a chore.


Just write anything

Many people can get held up by trying to find that perfect turn of phrase or the exact descriptive term to begin their first paragraph. It can be a major block to your writing if you stall it right out of the gate. Instead, just begin writing, even if it is not the perfect first sentence or only slightly relevant to your overall direction. Once you get into the flow of writing, you'll find that your thoughts will flow more naturally and much quicker.


Read your peers' articles to get new ideas

Sometimes you just need inspiration to get your juices flowing. Reading other people's articles can unlock your creativity when it comes to your own writing style. Of course, be careful to not plagiarise while in the process! Just use their writing for inspiration.


Do some research

Often it is difficult to begin writing simply because you don't know enough about the topic. If that's the case, stop trying and switch gears into research mode. Even just a small amount of research can unlock any writer's block you may have!


Wait until the end to worry about spelling and grammar

If you are constantly checking your spelling and grammar while writing, then you are also constantly stopping your work flow. When you are on a roll, stay in the moment. Don't concentrate on incorrect grammar, misspells and spacing problems. Get the words on the page, then worry about clean up after. You'll find you are much more efficient with your time.


Take time to brainstorm before you write

Pull out a sheet of paper and write anything that comes to mind on the topic at hand. Get it all out on paper, so you can use that paper as an idea kick starter as you begin your writing process.


Keep paper and a pen handy

That, or anything else where you can take quick notes, like a smart phone. You have no idea when a great idea will strike, so be ready to capture it. Have some place where you collect that information, so that when you are ready to begin the writing process, you already have a great list of ideas.


Kick your old style to the curb

Sometimes to get your daily writing flowing, you need to approach it from a different direction. Begin writing in a style that is not your own. You'll find that it may unearth some great ideas you had no idea existed in you.


Answer reader comment emails

If you have a serious case of writer's block, sometimes moving away from the task at hand can be very beneficial. Answering reader comments is a great distraction, especially because the comments often still surround the topics or themes you are concentrating on. You may generate a few great ideas in the process!