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Daily natural look

Girls who are naturally beautiful are considered better than those  who put loads of make up and then become beautiful. But you can use techniques to look naturally beautiful daily. Here are some simple daily make up steps that will lead you to meet naturally beautiful looks daily. Adopt these simple steps and get admired:

First Step:

Apply foundation. Make sure the foundation is not too heavy. Apply a thin layer, best way is applying it with fingers in circles across the face. I suggest using a whitening sun block instead of foundation for daily natural look. It will protect you from sun rays and will serve as foundation as well.

Second Step:

Next step is use of face powder. Choose a color lighter than your skin shade but avoid using too light shades because it will give fake looks. Apply face powder with puff or brush evenly on face.

Third Step:

Third most important step is choosing a blush. For more natural looks I suggest light orange or natural pink blush. Put is evenly across the cheeks with a large brush. Using liquid blush or using lipstick as blush creates natural looks( Seems funny and awkward but I have tried it ;) ).

Fourth Step:

Fourth step is using black pencil. Just draw a fine line on your eye-lid boundary so that it looks natural and feels you have put nothing on eyes. Use brown, gold, beige or other earth tones. Use Mascara to curl you lashes. You can do one thing cut a fake lash and just paste on the corners of eyes it will create a natural look. You can also use an eye lash curler so to curl your eye lashes.

Fifth Step:

Fifth step is using lipstick. Use natural shades which give natural look and it feels that you have natural pink lips. I have a great tip for this purpose. Put a deep pink lipstick on lips and then remove it. It will leave light pink shade on your lips and will seem natural.

So here you are ready with your natural looks. Now go to school confidently and get admired because now you seem naturally beautiful :P

Never think that putting on loads of make up would give you a natural look. It might make you look like a clown. So avoid wearing loads of make up. Lighter your make up, more natural will you look. And people admire natural looks. So be careful about the amount of make up. Look naturally beautiful :)

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