This is my first monthly income report and I am so excited to share with you all the success I have had making money online in just a few short months. I started writing here on Infobarrel on December 2011 and I'm happy to say that I'm still going strong, writing articles nearly every day. Although I currently only have 26 articles on Infobarrel, I've begun writing on other sites such as Seekyt and my own niche site. These last few months, I've learned an incredible amount of information on SEO and writing articles that help generate passive income. When I first started, I bought JCmayer's wonderful ebook, which really put me on the right path from the beginning. The best advice I've heard about making money writing articles is that it's a marathon, not a sprint. Yes, it's cliche, but it's the truth.

Infobarrel Earnings

1. Number of Articles on InfoBarrel - 26

2. Adsense Earnings Through InfoBarrel - $27.28

3. Chitika Earnings Through InfoBarrel - $5.93

4. Amazon Earnings Through InfoBarrel - $0

5. Total Earnings Through InfoBarrel - $33.21

A Look At My Strategy

Looking at my content on Infobarrel, I realize that the articles that I wrote in the beginning are producing far less money than the articles that I've written in the past few months. This in part is because I've become much better at selecting keywords with less competition and higher CPC. How do I select my keywords?

In the beginning, I used to be rather formulaic and rely far too much on Google adwords. I would also select keywords that had too much competition. Nowadays, I use Google adwords as a simple guide. I mostly use Google search to look up my keyword and study my competitors. Usually I want the keyword to have less than a million searches on Google. I also type in allintitle: MY KEYWORD into Google to see how many articles have the same exact title as my keyword. I like it when its in the low hundreds. If there are no exact titles, that's even better!

After having done this so many times and testing which methods work and don't work, I've become more intuitive in my selection of keywords. I rely more on my gut and instinct than numbers and data. I know this is different from how many other writers do it here on Infobarrel. Nevertheless, after doing this month after month, you begin to build a sixth sense that helps guide you through the process.

Put yourself in the mind of the person reading your articles. What will make him or her more likely to click on your ads? The answer is that if a person is looking to buy a product, he or she will click on ads. That is why review articles are the most profitable. However, if you hate writing review articles, than you should not force yourself to write them. Write on a topic you enjoy and money will eventually follow you. I wrote a piece on Trench Warfare WW1 because I really enjoy history. History articles are probably the worst when it comes to monetization. Nevertheless, I ended up going well over 1,000 words and it ended up being my first article to be featured! It is my most viewed article to date. Surprisingly enough, it has earned quite a bit of money as well.

Seekyt Earnings

1. Number of Articles on Seekyt - 80

2. Adsense Earnings Through Seekyt - $53.20

3. Chitika Earnings Through Seekyt - $0

4. Amazon Earnings Through Seekyt - $5.26

5. Total Earnings Through Seekyt - $58.46

I make the most money on Seekyt and I think a big part of it has to do with how easy it is to write there. Unlike Infobarrel, I write shorter articles (300-600 words) and can usually bust one out in about an hour after I have done my keyword research. The admin, Tyler, is super friendly and although he runs the entire site by himself, Tyler is always available to answer any questions or concerns.

The site has evolved considerably since I started writing there. Back in February, there was a bit of a scare when Google removed Adsense from Seekyt due to a user violating one of the rules. I thought Seekyt was a goner when miraculously the ads reappeared just a few weeks later! Thank goodness! Since then, Tyler hasn't taken any chances and has totally revamped the site to follow all of Google's requirements. The site looks cleaner and more organized than ever before.

Seekyt is Holding its First Contest!

When you first write for Seekyt, your first 3 articles will be put on hold for review by admin. If you get approved, you're free to write as many articles as you want, whenever you want. Right now, there is a contest to see who can get the most unique views on their articles for the month of June. Only articles written in June will be counted. The winner gets $50 gift from Amazon. If you want to give Seekyt a try, sign up under the my referral located in my signature and I will do my best to help you out. You can message me on Seekyt and ask for free keywords that would help you easily rank on the first page of Google and start earning money!

Niche Site Earnings

1. Number of articles on Niche Site: 10

2. Adsense Earnings - $37.37

As of now, I have built one niche site and it has gone better that I could have ever imagined. For my first niche site, I didn't want to pay for hosting or a domain name because I wanted to test the waters before I took the plunge. Therefore, I decided to create one on blogger because Google owns blogger and I knew that it would naturally rank well for low competition keywords rather quickly. And low and behold, only after a few weeks of writing my articles, they were ranking on page 1 of Google!

Although my first niche site was built for adsense, I am trying to create niche sites that cater to Amazon so that I can make money for the holiday season. It is just difficult to find a product to promote because Amazon seems saturated with affiliates who have targeted all the keywords for best selling products like cameras and computers. I need to study more on affiliate marketing and how to succeed on Amazon. I've read Skeffling's articles on Amazon and they have been extremely helpful!

My Total Online Passive Income: $129.04

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