Daisies come in all sizes and colors. A daisy is a member of the compositae family -- flowering plants that are actually made up of many tiny flowers all in a central clump with rayed petals around that inside central clump. All together this configuration makes a single flower. Many of these plants are decorative. Here are some you may be able to use in your garden.

LOW DAISIES: For small pom-pom like daisies in reds, pinks and whites, try the English or Bellis Daisy. It's a very small, neat plant that will tolerate only mild frosts. More warm-climate daisies that grow less than a foot high but add bright color are the Gerbera daisy and the sky-blue Felicia. The Angelita daisy offers a small, bright yellow daisy and the Santa Barbara Daisy will scatter across a flat surface or tumble down a decline with small white flowers blushed pink.

MEDIUM SIZED PLANTS: The Chrysanthemum blooms in a wide range of colors. Use it as an annual in cold-winter climates. With its large central cone, the Echinacea, known for its medicinal properties, is highly ornamental and somewhat drought-tolerant. Asters make up a big family of medium sized plants mostly in whites, pinks and purples. Most can brave cold climates. Other choices in warmth-loving yellows, dark reds and rusts are the Galliardia and the Rudbekia daisies. Another frost shy purple daisy is the delicate Swan River Daisy.

LARGE PLANTS: Shasta daisies are tall, clumping white daisies with the usual yellow eyes. They grow well in most climates, hot or cold so long as they get good sun and plenty of water. A bush type daisy with cheerful yellow flowers is the Euryops. No hard frosts for this one, please.

GIANT DAISIES: The modern sunflower can now be found in reds, rusts, browns, pale lemons as well as a variety of yellows. There are multi-headed varieties with groups of flowers or branched stems and there are varieties with the single huge stalk. Sunflowers come with big heads that follow the sun across the sky whether they are dwarf cultivars at only 3 feet tall or proud giants at 10' high.

SOME ANNUALS: Some suggestions for short-lived annuals that will bloom all season are Cosmos, Coreopsis, Acton daisy, Calendula, Painted daisy, and the African daisy.

You can use daisies as part of your flower garden, to decorate borders, in rock gardens or even plant a daisy garden -- a whole garden designed by plant layout. There are a number of native daisies perfect for wildflower gardens and many that are drought-resistant. Have fun growing daisies in the garden. There is a wide selection of sizes shapes and colors. Some even have different color patterns on each petal. They are decorative flowers for the garden and make great cut flowers to bring in for arrangements, too!