When decorating your bedroom, it is essential that you create a space that is congruent with your personality and needs. Find what makes you relax, what calms you, what creates a feeling of peace and go with it. Be bold, even gaudy, colors and patterns, or a room full of faded antiques and neutral tones, you will need to have texture and depth so that your room feels finished and your eyes have something to feast upon. With or without a bold color palette these textures can give a sense of completion, and will create a fixed idea of what it is you are trying to communicate through your style.

A great way to add texture to a room is to choose a woven bedspread. The weaving patterns are very visible, even though you do not know that you are detecting them. A traditional woven pattern is the damask pattern. This dates back to medieval times, and in the old homes of nobility, the mask tapestries and bedspreads were a sign of wealth and luxury. Damask patterns included lions, dogs, people and complex scroll patterns. Due to the intricate weaving of these patterns, they were completely reversible, though the color seemed a little odd when the backside was shown.

Modern day damasks are typically screenprinted, though many are still woven.

The woven patterns are harder to come by and may cost you more, but the texture is worth the price. The screenprinted patterns, though, are not without appeal, and he gives much-needed life to a room that is lacking in bold patterns. Whether used in pillows, drapes, lampshades or as your bedding set, damask is a beautiful, rich pattern that can go with almost any style.

Damask Bedding(85806)

Damask bedding has become popular for infants and children...

..Especially the bold, modern black and white damask that has become so popular. the scroll patterns are intellectually stimulating and help train your child’s eye by giving him or her a beautiful, bold pattern to look at and focus on. Much like the more popular toys, which incorporate bright colors, chapter patterns, polka dots and stripes, this bedding can encourage your child’s mind as they are going to sleep and waking up.

For adults, the beautiful, modern damask bedding styles are a great place to start when decorating a bedroom. Once you have chosen a bedspread that is full of light, color, and character, it is easy to pick out pieces that accentuate that beauty and express your individual personality. Depending on your color choices, you can take a damask bedding set in virtually any direction. If you choose to surround this with minimalistic furniture, solid colors and a simple, bold painting or two, you can create a very modern, clean environment. If you wish to go the opposite direction, a rich damask bedspread can be combined with ornate, heavy, antique furniture, rich flower arrangements, a plush rug and a few bold throw pillows will create a feeling of opulence, wealth and luxury.

Whatever your personal taste and style, a beautiful bedspread will be a fantastic starting point. Choosing a bedspread that perfectly matches your personality creates the groundwork that will allow you to express yourself in every aspect of your house’s décor. Once you have taken the time to explore your tastes in this one aspect, you will find that your artistic senses are awakened, and that it becomes easier and easier to find pieces that express your true identity.