Are Damon Clear Braces Right for You?

Damon clear braces are widely considered as the #1 brand for clear ceramic braces. 

They basically work like that of a traditional metal brace, however are virtually unnoticeable given the brackets that attach on to your teeth are 'see through' as well as coming with clear thin wiring.

With this comsetic feature Damon clear braces have numerous advantages over other competing options (those being Invisalign, lingual and your traditional metal brace) for fixing your teeth:

1. They Offer the Aesthetic Benefits

As everything is made to be essentially invisible, people will barely notice if you actually have braces in at all (honestly it really is hard to see them, pretty much impossible from a distance). This is of course a great benefit for those who are image conscious or are adults (who consider themselves a bit too old to be wearing braces).

2.  Along with the Faster and Better Results than that of Invisalign Aligners

Although Invisalign can offer you the same aesthetic look as Damon braces, they can't deal with 'as' complex teeth issues nor can they get the job done as quickly or as well. Where Damon Smile like to refer you to the "How Well Does Invisalign Work? study (Kravitz, 2009) that quotes Invisalign only having a 41% accuracy with tooth movement as well as others studies -- that braces are still the way to go for decent results.

Essentially what Damon braces do is combine the practice of what braces are essentially designed to that with Invisalign's invisible aligners concept and their take on the cosmetic outlook to offer you something that looks good (as in you can't see it uglying up your mouth like a metal brace might) but get's the job done efficiently and effectively.

Damon braces are manufactured by the highly reputable & massive dental supplier Ormco (who also produce the cheaper alternative Invisalign Simpli5 invisible aligner) and have conducted extensive product investment into these clear ceramic braces to ensure they won't yellow up and stain or have any metal or elastic on show during the treatment process (which competing cheaper clear braces seem to do).

How Much Do Damon Clear Braces Cost?

Unfortunately as with most braces because they are pretty much completely unique so determine an outright cost now is practically impossible as numerous factors will influence the price e.g. with regards to how your fast and well your teeth move, what the case is (in terms of complexity), who is the provider of the Damon braces, how long the entire treatment process will take and so on -- as you can imagine the price of Damon clear braces can potentially vary widely. This being said, it is usually between a price range of $4,000 to $8,000 with the average being the same cost as Invisalign at around $5000.

The only one who can give you a specific quote on getting your teeth straightened is your Damon braces dentist or orthondotist provider during the consultation. However, even they won't be able to foresee the rate at which your teeth move and if any problems were to occur.

Damon Clear Braces Pros and Cons

To summarize what Damon clear braces are about -- they are a teeth straightening option that takes the traditional metal brace and builds on them from a cosmetic point of view. Whereby they will perform just as well, but look a whole lot better.

However, by making them practically invisible in comparison to metal braces this hikes the price up somewhat. You will be looking at around $3000 for a normal set of metal modern braces whereas it will be closer to $4000 with it being 'all clear' (and it's even more if you want Damon braces with clearwire as well). That's a difference in price of about $1000 for them to basically go unnoticed. 

Do they Stain and Turn Yellow?

This is known to happen if you don't care for them in the right manner. Be sure to pay extra attention when cleaning your teeth, ideally you will use an Oral B electric toothbrush with an Ortho cleaner head that's specifically designed for cleaning around dental work.

Damon Clear Braces Reviews

They are actually very positive and to be honest there is no reason they shouldn't be. They look great and do a great job, they are suitable for all dental work and won't cost you a potential bomb like that of lingual braces (that being said, they aren't cheap, but are made much affordable through dental plans). 

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Damon Clear Braces Vs Invisalign

Although, we have compared Damon clear ceramic brackets to Invisalign already -- let's run a recap and go over some additional points. Where they are similar to one another is in the fact that they are transparent and no one will be able to see them, also (all things equal) they cost about the same for identical treatment at about $5000. 

An advantage that Invisalign has is that their aligners can be removed so eating, cleaning teeth aren't prohibited in anyway whereas with Damon braces you are somewhat given they are fixed (although this can be arguably act as a disadvantage, because if your aligners go missing, that is a pretty costly mistake). Both are liable to staining, so make sure you address them with appropriate care.

A point Ormco raise is also you can get a slight lisp when you put Invisalign aligners in comparison to Damon clear braces that has zero effect on how you speak. Also, as covered somewhat above, the complexity of the case makes everyone a candidate for Damon braces, whereas only mild to moderate cases can go with Invisalign. Moreover, the results are "excellent" with Damon braces whereas Invisalign doesn't do as good of a job (this is being somewhat debated now however, as the study that Ormco base this on is a pretty old one -- Shelton, 2005).

A subjective and rather unproven point is that Damon-braces are also apparently more comfortable than Invisalign aligners.

Damon Clear Vs Ceramic Braces

The main difference here is just to do with the brackets. Ceramic braces are usually just tooth camouflaged brackets whereas Damon ones are transparent. Again, the difference simply being the cost, although ceramic braces are more expensive than metal ones, Damon ones are more expensive still. They can come with a white wire though.

In my opinion though if you are going down the cosmetic route it is best to go for the Damon 'clear' brackets than camo ceramic ones as they aren't that much more expensive and look a lot better.