Do you live in Adelaide?

Are you looking for something to do on a Friday night but don't have much money?

Then maybe it's time to check out a salsa dancing class?

You can learn to salsa for as little as $3 at the North Adelaide Community Centre every Friday night!

Did you know that dancing is great for your physical as well as mental health?

Research has proven that dancing can have a very positive impact on those suffering from mental health and depression. This is due to the music and the physical activity associated with dancing.

It has also been proven than dancing is great for physical health as it can be the equivalent of an aerobic workout but with the music and social aspects of dancing, it can be a lot of fun and you will hard notice that you are exercising.

Dancing is also a lot of fun, whether your new or experienced, dancing has been used as a form of self expression for many years and throughout many different cultures. It's fun to connect with the music and to connect with others.

Salsa dancing is a great way to meet other people who have a similar interest to you, unlike bars and clubs where people are general very defensive about meeting new people, most people who attend a salsa dancing class are quite open to meeting and dancing with new people.

Here is what others have been saying about the Friday Night Salsa sessions at the North Adelaide Community Centre:

"Cristobal, studying PhD in Mech Eng, Chile, lots of friendly people and great music, good teaching also!" - Cristobal.

"Deborah, Mexico, I am a visitor student, working at a lab of the school of molecular and biomedical science. I have danced almost all my life, I think dance is a beautiful way of expression. Particularly, this class is so funny and every one is so kind." - Deborah.

"Hey, I'm Hendrik from Germany (Electrical Engineering) 4th year. Salsa is great, the group was very welcoming and we have a great time here." - Hendrik.

It's time to dance Adelaide!