There are many levels to pick from. There is also a variety of songs. The video game even has a dance off component. I bet you can have a dance off through X Box Live! Another cute feature is that during the dance there is a free style section. During the free style section a camera pops on the TV screen and takes pivtures of you busting a move!


My only complaint is the avatars. yes I know they are not going to have a middle aged woman avatar, but I don't think I look good as Mo! There are other avatars but each one are assigned to a particular song. The slow down button has been a particular challenge. I can never seem to get it to slow down when I want to.

Full Review

I have to admit I did purchase this game for myself. No I am a far cry from a teenager or even someone in their twenties. Nevertheless I thought it would be fun to learn a few of the newer dance moves! When I first put the video game it I thought I might be a little out of my league. The images were defiantley geared towards a younger crowd. Graffiti artists, dancers and very bright imagery. When the introduction was over I was given a choice of songs. I started off with a Lady Gaga song. I was then given a choice of easy meduim or hard. No contest there. Definatley easy! So I picked easy and was taken to a scene where a dude in a sweatshirt is standing by a boom box surrounded by the crowd. The dude is Mo and he is the dancer I am supposed to imitate. I have my choice of breaking down the dance steps or just dancing along with him. well again, no brainer..break it down. Mo went through and showed me two or three moves in one lesson. If you have trouble with the move you can push the slow down button. which I used a lot! After you complete the steps you can complete the whole dance routine along with Mo. The Boombox has stars on it to let you know how you are progressing. The game rates you and tells you if your move is flawless or nice., If you don't do so hot Mo will tellyou, don't worry "I have trouble with that one too!" Mo told me this a lot . I could never get the Say What hands quite right!

In Closing

I think this game is fun no matter what your age. There is a dace for every skill level. You just have to practice. So far I have made it just one bvar short of five stars on easy. Maybe you will have more luck with the say what hands then me!