Dance totes have come a long way since the days of those plastic, square-shaped ballerina boxes that I used when I was a student. Although I do miss those vintage carryalls, today's dancers are definately looking for more multi-purpose products that have trendy embellishments, high-quality construction and practicality as well.

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The Horizon Dazzle Gear Tote With Glitter Ballet Shoes

Horizon Dazzle Gear ToteCredit:

Have pointe shoes, will travel...

I love this style because it is so roomy and very much like the type of purse I enjoy carrying; a hobo style. Some ladies like compartments, and others love being able to toss a lot of stuff into one main pouch.  I must be part kangaroo because I love pouches.

Another reason why I think this bag is cute is because you don't have to be a ballet student to enjoy using it. Anybody that appreciates the  incredible magic of a ballerina dancing on pointe can  enjoy this design on a handy tote. This one is also available in pink and comes in duffle-style as well.

The Natalie Duffle Zebra Bag

Natalie Duffle Zebra BagCredit:

For the performing arts student that carries everything but the kitchen sink to class

Isn't this style trendy and amazing? Not only does it have a cool combination of colors and patterns, it works for all types of dance genres and not just ballet.

Animal print stuff is always fresh and fun; especially with fashion-conscious  pre-teens and juniors. This one is big enough for several pairs of shoes, leotards, tights, warmups, bandages, stage makeup, water bottle and whatever else you like to have on hand for your class; snacks, iPod, cellphone, sunglasses, street clothes, you name it. This is a mega-cute tote for the girl who likes all her stuff close by.

Something like this can work as a make-shift carryall for all kinds of things and would make a great gift idea for any athlete, dancer or fashionista. I love this one.

 The Bloch Ballet Messenger Bag-So Pretty In Pink

Bloch Ballet Messenger BagCredit:

The dance bag style that makes an old dancer wish they were young again

When I saw this bag, my heart did a big sigh...the feminine shade of pale pink, the soft, delicate images of ballerinas at the barre and the purse-like quality of this design are simply captivating.

Bloch of Australia has really captured the essence of ballet romanticism in this pretty messenger bag. Of course, pink is one color that can always make my heart sing. If you love ballet, girly fashion and all things pink and wonderful, this design may catch your eye.

This list of dance totes is only the beginning of some of my favorite styles. Perhaps I am enthralled at the choices that dance students have today that I did not have all those years ago. I shouldn't put down those vintage ballerina boxes; they are worth quite a bit of money these days on places like eBay and Etsy.

Dancers now carry "soft" totes, backpacks, duffles and styles that look like high-fashion purses, not hard, shiny vinyl boxes with big letters on them that say MY BALLERINA BOX.