With sky rocketing health care costs, home remedies for dandruff and natural remedies for dandruff are a real cost saver.  Finding a dandruff home treatment will allow you to avoid visiting the doctor each time you notice a few flakes on your favorite black shirt.

Skin is constantly dying and being replaced.  The old skin falls away.  Dandruff is when this happens more than usual, and the skin falls away in clumps and is noticeable.  Dandruff is the most common condition that can affect the scalp.  Anyone can get it.  It is unsightly, especially if the dead skin cells are landing on clothing and becoming noticeable.  The itchiness it sometimes causes can also be irradiating. 

Dandruff occurs from the extra skin dying and being replaces, not because the scalp is too dry.  Some think this problem is hereditary, while stress and anxiety have been shown to have a part. 

Dandruff Symptoms

Dandruff symptoms include an itchy scalp and small white flakes of skin.  The tiny white flakes may be in the scalp, but occasionally will present on other hair covered parts of the body.  There may be greasy skin and hair. There may red patches present on the scalp, and the redness can form on the face, especially the forehead.  If it gets bad, the skin can crack.  There may be scaly skin around the ears. 

Dandruff is irritating and can be annoying, especially when it is visible to others, but usually only requires medical treatment when it advances to the stage that the skin starts to crack and become sore.  Dandruff can also be a sign of a couple of other skin problems, like psoriasis, and eczema, so if the dandruff becomes severe, medical help should be sought.

Dandruff Home Treatment

To treat dandruff, there are multiple shampoos that are sold over the counter.  Read the instructions on them, but most are used daily to treat dandruff, and one to three times a week to prevent it from re-occurring.  If the dandruff gets more severe, the doctor may prescribe a stronger shampoo. 

It has been shown that eliminating eggs and dairy can help prevent dandruff.  Make sure that to eat plenty of food with vitamins c, A, and E, while taking a zinc supplement daily. 

Natural Dandruff Treatment Remedy

There are several home remedies for dandruff.  Mix apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in a solution that is one part each and 10 parts water.  Use the solution like shampoo, then rub tea tree oil into the hair, massage, then leave it in overnight.

Some recommend using the tea tree oil itself as a shampoo in a 5% solution, but this may cause a skin reaction from the tea tree oil.  Care must also be exercised to keep it away from the eyes. 

Another remedy includes adding grapefruit seed extract to the regular shampoo and then washing like normal, but leave it sit on the hair for three to five minutes.  Instead of the grapefruit seed extract, try adding tea tree oil to the shampoo and letting it sit.

Some change of the diet can be tried.  Avoid fried foods, and eat less of foots like dairy, sugar and fats.  Avoid peanuts and chocolate.  Eat more uncooked foods.  Avoid alcohol.

There are many more home remedies for dandruff and natural dandruff treatment remedies, so if these do not work, do not give up.  Dandruff home treatment is possible.  With dandruff, it is usually easy to avoid going to the doctor.