Danger Zone Premiere

A New Horror Film by Independent Filmmaker Ryan Polukord

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Danger Zone Movie Trailer

A New Horror Film by Independent Filmmaker Ryan Polukord

Belleville, NJ (June 2012)- On June 8, 2012, Independent Filmmaker Ryan Polukord premiered his new horror/science fiction film DANGER ZONE at the Calcia Auditorium at Montclair State University, Montclair NJ. Ryan was born and raised in Belleville, NJ where he graduated from Belleville High School. Ryan grew up acting and making short films along side Belleville alumni Lia Sprechini and Alex Velez, who play supporting characters in the Danger Zone film. Ryan attended Montclair State University and recently graduated with a Bachelor of the Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking. During his time at Montclair State University, Ryan produced countless films and performed in a variety of stage plays. Ryan writes and directs his own original work and is most known for achieving BEST NEW JERSEY BASED FILM at the Down Beach Film Festival in Atlantic City for his short film CAMP 139. 

Danger Zone Cast & Crew Members After Premiere

Danger Zone Cast & Crew Members

Back in November, Ryan raised over one thousand dollars to produce a double feature which included Danger Zone and Blackout. Out of the two films, Danger Zone is the first to be completed and screened in front of a large audience. Ryan is very excited to send Danger Zone out to film festivals in the New York/New Jersey area. Ryan is also gearing up for the next film, Blackout. 

 Danger Zone begins with Frank Serco, who wakes up trapped in a white room with no recollection of how he ended up there. While trying to escape, Frank slowly remembers the events that took place before his abduction. Through a series of flashbacks, Frank realizes that this is not your average kidnapping. Chris Robertson (from Clifton, NJ) stars as Frank Serco along side supporting characters played by Lia Sprechini, Alex Velez, & Mike Fresta (Montclair State Alumni). Written & Directed by Ryan Polukord with Cinematography by Edmund Tan II (Montclair State Alumni). Assistant Directed by Amanda Goscinski (Belleville Alumni) and music by Kevin Macleod. Makeup by Becky Dentato (Belleville Alumni) & Danielle Lampo. Special Costume Design by Steven & Ray Defendini.

Ryan would like to thank his cast & crew for their brilliant work. Ryan would also like to thank everyone who donated money through Kickstarter to help fund this project (List of Kickstarter Backers below). Ryan would like to specifically thank his Executive Producers Gary, Liz, Ashley, & Rob Goglia, Ed & Nick Sprechini, and Chris & Elizabeth Jackson. Ryan says, "I could not have produced this film if it weren't for my Kickstarter Backers and my Executive Producers. Thank you all so much". Ryan would also like to thank his brother Kevin, and Gianna Giarrusso (Both Belleville Alumni) for taking on the role of Production Assistants and dressing up as Aliens in his film. 

Ryan's Upcoming Production Company

Blank Productions

In the future, Ryan will continue to raise money and produce films. Although there is no official website for his production company BLANK PRODUCTIONS, Ryan aims to launch his company very soon. Blank Productions deals with creating original works and promoting local talent within the New York/New Jersey area. Branching out from the well established company Ryan helped create, FORGOTTEN FILMSS, Ryan plans to get the ball rolling and continue living out his goals and dreams as a Producer/Writer/Director. 


(Kickstarter Backers: Ashley Biel, Gergely R. Budafai, Gerry & Pam Doherty, Mike Fresta, Gary & Liz Goglia, Rob & Ashley Goglia, Phyllis Guerino, Chris & Elizabeth Jackson, Brian Q. Kelley, Mara Lesemann, Lacey Liland, Nicole Lyn Perry, Gary & Terry Polukord, Jess Pullins, Marisol Rivera, Chris Robertson, Cara Ruggiero, David Simonetti, Ed & Nick Sprechini, and Nicole Zanetakos)