Deadly Australian Creatures

When we are talking deadly creatures its impossible to avoid at least one which reside in sunny Australia. In fact there are a multitude of the deadly little critters (some quite big) on the isolated continent.  I have picked out 10 of the deadliest Australian creatures.


1: The Blue-ringed Octopus. A single bite or squirt will lead to a paralysis very closely followed by death.


2: The Box Jelly Fish.  This lovely creature has a sting survival rate of virtually nil. Its also know as the Sea Wasp.


Box Jelly Fish

3: The Textile Cone Shell. This under water creature has up to 12 darts each with enough poison to kill a Man (or Woman). Get stung and death can follow in minutes.


4: The Irukandji Jellyfish. This jellyfish has tentacles which are poisonous. If  you are stung while merrily swimming along you are liable to suffer a heart attack and drown.


5: The Saltwater Crocodile. A rapid mover both out and inside the water it can out run a galloping horse over a short distance. Its pure speed and surprise factor gives it its deadly rating.


Now I can here you all saying “easy, when I go down under I will just stay out of the water”. I can forgive you for thinking that  but read on and you may change your mind.  Its not jut water which holds deadly perils.


6: The Taipan Snake. One hundred and Eight times more venomous that the King Cobra . If you get bitten by on you may have as little as 3 seconds before you die.


Taipan Snake

7: The Redback Spider. Luckily for most an antivenom has been found for this critter. In the past a bite from the female of the species could kill.


8: The Funnel Web Spider.  One of most famous and dangerous spiders in the world. Again luckily an antivenom has reduced deaths to zero but get bitten and you could only have 15 minutes to get treatment.


9: The Tiger Snake.  The good news is you will have up to 12 hours to live if this guys gets you and there is an antivenom available. The bad news is the andedote is required within 30 minutes to be successful.


You may now be thinking you that you will be safer back in the water but number ten may change your mind.


10: The Great White Shark. The most dangerous of the sharks in Australian waters. It can kill in seconds with one bite from its powerful Jaws and razor teeth