Driving with flip flops on can be more dangerous than driving over a patch of black ice or in wet and rainy conditions. Although at first glance it may not look dangerous, after driving quite a few times with flip flops on one will surely realize the dangers. If you had not began to read this article, I am sure that you would have continued to wear flip flops occasionally when you drove; however, I can bet you that you will never dare to where flip flops while driving ever again after reading this article.

I happened to be driving to my friends house one day in 2008; it was not a special drive, but rather just a normal friendly visit. It was a bright and sunny day so I decided to wear flip flops along with my shorts so that I could feel the cool breeze. As I was driving northbound towards his house, the flip flops became very uncomfortable because every time that I depressed any of the pedals the flip flops would need to be adjusted; I should have taken a hint because I was continuously fixing them the entire ride thusfar.

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There was no car in front of me at the red light that I was approaching so I took my foot off of the gas pedal and as I was about to begin pressing the brake pedal, my flip flop came off of my foot and was lodged behind the brake pedal. I pressed it as hard as I could but the braking power that the pedal allowed me to access was not enough to bring my car to a stop before I had reached the light. As I was still going about 30 KM/h when I had reached the light, I had to react quickly. I managed to turn a hard right at the red light and luckily there was no traffic going eastbound; however, I could not ignore the 18Tommy Hilfiger Womens Floral Flip FlopsCredit: Amazon.com wheeled truck that was heading westbound at about 60 KM/h that went through the intersection about 1 second after I had turned. The thing that scares me the most was that if there were pedestrians to the right of me or I had not reacted so quickly I would have definitely been trampled by that truck! The fact that I was wearing flip flops while driving literally almost ended my life!

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You can imagine how grateful I was, and because of that I have decided to share these dangers with you so that you may not encounter a similar situation. I have summarized all of the dangers of wearing flip flops while driving with hopes that it will deter you from wearing them while driving.

One of the points of the story was to show you that you shouldn't wait until it is too late to stop wearing flip flops while you drive. The last thing that you want to do is realize that you shouldn't be wearing flip flops once you have already been into a sever car accident because of them!

Constantly Adjusting

The reason that flip flops make that noise when you walk is because there is very little that is securing them to your feet. Whether shoes have laces, straps, or neither, they are much more secured onto your feet than flip flops. Because of this unsecured nature, you will find yourself constantly adjusting your footwear so that Reef Womens Seaside Sandal Fip FlopsCredit: Amazon.comyou feel comfortable with the way that they are sitting on your feet. This constant adjustment increases the danger of driving because it is taking your attention off of the road. In order to ensure the safest drive, all of your attention must be placed on driving and the road; adjusting your footwear hinders your ability to fully focus on what you should be focusing on when you are driving.

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Risk of Falling Off

This has the smallest chance of happening; however, as you may understand from my story, it causes the most danger. Most flip flops are only able to stay on your feet because they are positioned with your toes up when you are driving; when you change the position of your feet to any angle other than 90 degrees you are increasing the chances of them falling off. Although we know that our feet are pretty much kept at a 90 degree angle the entire time that we are driving, those short moments in which their angle changes pose as a huge risk for the footwear falling off! You may think that there is a small chance that this will happen and continue to wear flip flops when you drive. Just remember that doing this is like playing with fire; if you do it often enough you will get burned sooner or later

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This risk also has great potential to cause danger to you while driving. This is mainly because this type of footwear has an open concept at the front. This occurrence poses less of a threat to your ability to drive safely than your footwear completely coming off of your foot because you will still possess the ability to brake to the car's full capability; however, it still dangerous because it will hinder your ability to fully focus on the road.

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Driving with flip flops may feel amazing as you may feel the wind running through your toes; however, it can greatly increase the danger in driving. You should also avoid wearing slippers and sandals while driving as they pose basically the same threats to your safety. The next time that you are going to wear this type of footwear and are about to drive somewhere, grab a pair of shoes and ensure that you get there safely.