When people decide to start their own business, they usually conduct research and take every business class they can. Though this may enlighten them, it does not fully prepare them for what is to come. It is almost guaranteed that a business will experience some hiccups. In many cases, these are more like breathless gasps because everything seems to go wrong at the same time. Textbooks will be no help because the problems usually stem from outside the core business.

Some people have difficulty balancing their new career with family responsibilities. Others begin to doubt themselves because it seems that everyone else does. Financial issues often present themselves when the business holds the personal savings account hostage. When everything seems hopeless, the entrepreneur can feel very alone. Dani Johnson knows this feeling but she also knows that she is able to help. She managed to take herself from rags to riches and her method can work for anyone.

Have Faith and You Will Succeed

Now a multimillionaire, Dani says that faith got her to this point. The early part of her life was not easy and she seemed destined to fail. All the while, she kept spirituality in high regard. This is what gave her the strength to fight through the difficulties. It led her to become a multimillionaire but even that has not caused her to shun her faith. Spirituality still tops her priority list.

Dani is not shy about admitting the strong role that faith has played in her life. She never wants this to change because she knows spirituality will steer her in the right direction. Dani’s power as a businessperson stems from her faith and there is nothing like the influence of the Almighty. Dani uses her faith to help others achieve the life of their dreams.

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Use Dani Johnson as Your Inspiration

If you do not know about Dani’s past, you might be rolling your eyes at this point. Spirituality and faith may be too “hokey” or you may have read a Dani Johnson scam story and now doubt this woman. After hearing her real story, you may not be so judgmental. The household that Dani was raised in was extremely abusive. Verbal, physical, emotional, sexual abuse was normal and when Dani was not observing this, she was experiencing it.

When Dani was a teenager, she had a baby and as she headed into adulthood, things got worse. While others were out at bars celebrating their 21st birthday, Dani was trying to figure out how to get off welfare and find somewhere to live. Her car was her home and she worked from it selling a weight loss product using a pay phone. Despite her difficult situation, she was good at this job and just two years later, she had earned a million dollars.

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There Is No Better Mentor Than Dani Johnson

Dani had plenty of reasons to believe she would not achieve success with anything she did. The message reinforced to her during childhood was one of imminent failure. Somehow, she managed to push this aside, listen to her conscience, and maintain her spirituality. She also found a mentor who helped her with business and life in general. Since achieving success, Dani has made a point of mentoring others.

Every week, Dani holds a radio show called Spiritual Equipping, which helps listeners restore their faith, self-confidence , and inner strength. Spirituality is the focus of some products Dani has created, including Spirit Driven Success, one of her books. Readers learn how to create wealth through serving others, simply by following secrets contained in the Bible. A companion Dani Johnson training program features ten CDs that show learners how to use information in these scriptures to conquer their fear and poverty mindset. 

Follow Dani Johnson's Example

Dani Johnson is all about helping other people and her business proves this. She writes, teaches, and speaks about living a successful life. Her corporations deal with finances, career, spirituality, and personal relationships. When these aspects combine, synergy results. Business people who are struggling should discover where they are falling short. Then, they should let Dani be their mentor, guiding them to the success they were meant to achieve.