Dansko is a common name inside the footwear market, especially for consumers that enjoy the actual style and comfort associated with clogs. Women can easily purchase top quality, comfortable shoes which can be suited to a day at the office or perhaps a evening out with the girls. Nowadays, you can actually purchase Dansko clog style shoes designed just for nurses!

Dansko nursing shoes are made in clog style for one great reason: this is actually the best type of footwear for women who are active and on their feet for long hours at any given time. Let us check out what else you can expect if you purchase nursing shoes from this manufacturer:

Light-weight But still Durable

Dansko clogs are made from very lightweight material which helps make them very easy to have on for hours on end, but this isn't cheap materials that could tear up quickly. The product is very resilient and definately will last for a long time, even with the particular active lifestyle nurses are known to lead.

Many Dansko nursing shoes will have leather uppers along with extremely sturdy heels and soles they hold up very well.


The actual material is also extremely flexible. Anyone who have ever worn a Dansko clog understands precisely how extremely comfortable they feel on the feet. Since medical professionals must be quick with their movements and are often very hard on their feet. The flexible material of a nursing clog will go with the normal movements without busting at the seams or even getting uncomfortable.

Moisture Wicking Cushion

The lining in a Dansko nursing shoe is made to wick moisture away from the feet so even a hard day's sweat is not going to become unpleasant. They are also made with extra extra padding so they will be soft on the feet and give ample support regardless of how many hours the actual shoes are worn.

Shock Absorbing Heels

The heels on many Dansko nursing clogs are designed to take in a lot of the shock felt from active actions. This takes a lot of the pressure from the wearer and protects the feet from stress injuries, aches and pains.


While Dansko nursing clogs tend to be rather plain and come in a range of colors, others have some unique designs for nurses who want to look great while at work. Some have small heels while some have attractive elements along the sides. Still others have fun with patterns such as the leopard print Dansko professional clogs.

Even the more straightforward styles from Dansko tend to be appealing as well as remarkably dependable for busy nurses struggling to ease aching, tired feet.

Full or Half Back

The traditional clog style is to have the actual back open or at least halfway open, but Dansko professional clogs for nurses often have full backs. This gives a lot more support for the feet and enables them to feel a lot more like normal shoes than clogs. They may also have the design of a traditional shoe for nurses which might have constraints on the sort of shoes they're able to wear to work or who don't especially like the open back design.

When you mix all of these kinds of characteristics you see exactly why Dansko shoes have happen to be a common choice for medical professionals everywhere and that not to mention that they are really a cheap shoe for women. Nurses value a stylish shoe that is light on the feet, incredibly comfortable, and long lasting. What more could you possibly ask for in a shoe developed to support hard work?