Information on Dappy from N Dubz also a brief summary on what is going on with the singing group N Dubz

I will be telling you what the lyrics are for a song called no regrets by Dappy from the group N Dubz. You may have noticed that Dappy makes lots of songs on his own right, well that’s only because he is the main member of N Dubz. This song is so exclusive that it will blow your mind away, even though I bet you’ve already heard this song I mean who hasn’t? If you have ever watched the music video of this song then you’ll obviously see that Dappy’s there singing away and then there’s the glamorous Fazer playing the piano for a bit but sadly Tulisa is know where to be seen because there hasDappy(58751) been a rumour that N Dubz are splitting up because of Tulisa’s X Factor job. The rumour was not really a rumour because they really have fallen apart. This was notified on August 18th 2011 but let’s try to forget that for a minute and focus on this amazing song that Dappy has created. This song lasts for just over four minutes. Not only is Dappy a singer but he is also a rapper, songwriter, actor and a producer. The other famous singer/ rappers Dappy has associated with are Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, Mr Hudson, N dubz, Tula Contostavlos (also known as Tulisa), Richard Rawson (also known as Fazer), Skepta, Gary Barlow, Maze, Maniac and he’s also collaborated with many more famous singers. If I were you I’d carry on reading to find out what the lyrics are for No regrets which is by Dappy from N Dubz (and I will also be telling you some other astonishing information about Dappy). So I hope you enjoy.

Extra information on Dappy from N Dubz

Now wasn’t that just great singing that song while listening to it at the same time? I bet you felt like a super star when you were singing that song. Any ways I hope you enjoyed listening to Dappy from N Dubzyour favourite tune and singing along to it. The types of songs Dappy sings are Hip Hop grime and rap. The labels Dappy has been in are Polydor records, AATW and Def Jam. When Dappy was a child he was kicked out of most schools because he used to fight almost every day. When he was fifteen he got an A for English and he got a B for GCSE (music). Did you also know that Dappy (including N Dubz but mostly Dappy) won an award for one of the best songs? Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this review, watching the video of this exclusive song and I especially hope you have had fun singing along to this fantastic exclusive single by Dappy which is called No Regrets!

Dappy - No Regrets