Are you easily distracted? Is every flag, sound or flickering icon a reason for you to stop whatever you are doing. But are you also aware of this already and do you want to change it? Do you wish to write for two hours straight, just pumping out words and improving the quality of your work? Alright, there is a solution for your problem.

The Problem: All these distractions

The modern writer writes on a computer, of course. Now when you are typing in, for instance, word you have the rest of your applications just opened up, ready to distract you. What will happen is that you will see (1) after 'Facebook' indicating you have a message or you will have an alert about having a new email!

All of these distractions will distract you from you work. One of the solutions is shutting everything down. But this is not enough for me. If I am working in my internet browser it is too easy to type in Facebook or Gmail or whatever. Shutting everything down is not preventing me to boot it up anyway!

Luckily, there is an actual solution for this problem.

DarkRoom TextEditor

Screen filling writing application: DarkRoom

The application I use for this is called DarkRoom. DarkRoom fills your complete screen and allows you to do nothing else than just typing. Of course, you can shut this application down anyway, but why should you do that? You don't see any of the distractions and you are just writing.

This differs not very much from, for instance, full-screen Word, but there is a little difference: it eliminates EVERY distraction. There is literally nothing you can do but typing (and scrolling). There isn't a fancy editor, you don't can play around with themes. It is just a text editor and nothing more.

How to Use DarkRoom

  1. Install the application.
  2. Research the topic you are going to write about. You don't want to get out of the application when you started writing, it is key to keep writing, to keep yourself in the flow when you started.
  3. Open up the application and start typing. After I researched the topic I am writing about I just start writing. And I write until I think the article is ready. And even after that I try to write a little more, maybe even the same kind of stuff to produce another article.
  4. Write everything in HTML. If you look at my screenshot, you see I am writing in HTML, I use this because I only use basic HTML in my articles and this means I don't have to edit afterwards, I can just copy it and it will be ready.
  5. Copy it in InfoBarrel. Make sure to click 'html' and copy it in. Put some pictures in and it's done! Your article is ready.

More integration: TextEditor Everywhere

If you want to take even this to the next level, check out the application TextEditor Everywhere. With TextEditor Everywhere you hit a key wherever you are writing (whether it is gmail, InfoBarrel writing page or anything else) and you can boot up InfoBarrel. If you are done with writing you save the piece of text and you are done!

With TextEditor Everywhere you can set this system up with whatever text editor you prefer, but as you've noticed, I prefer DarkRoom.

Hopefully this will help you in your writings and hopefully you will find the motivation, inspiration and concentration as I do in DarkRoom Text Editor!