Home furniture has come a long way from the limited choice that was available in the past and these days it is possible to source nearly any piece of furniture in a colour and style that will suit your room and lifestyle at a price that will suit your budget. Most living rooms will now have a range of furniture which will incorporate storage units and occasional tables, all of which can be bought to complement each other. Depending upon your needs, you may opt for a comfortable seating area in your living room with a low level table. The style that you chose and the colour range that you adopt for your home are entirely personal to yourself and your particular needs and budget. Dark wood coffee tables and storage units used together with rich colours can create a very homely and warm atmosphere whereas the use of lighter wood or metal pieces can create a feeling of space or a more industrial effect.

Dark Wood Coffee Table

There is not only personal preference to be taken into account when buying wooden furniture. There are also some practicality issues. If you are wanting to create a classic looking room with a dark wood coffee table and units, then you must be careful to source items which are well finished and not easily marked. Wood such as mahogany can be scratched or marked with hot cups and you need to ensure that the home furniture range that you choose is protected. Light woods such as pine seem to show the signs of aging less and it is a little easier to keep their original looks.

In these days of coffee culture and social get togethers, it is popular to have friends round for a chat during the day and you will find that a low level occasional table will be well used by everyone and possibly not always as considerately looked after as you would wish. Most good quality wooden furniture will have a good level of protection when it comes to white heat stains and general knocks, but make sure when you buy a piece that you are aware of it's resistance before you put your hot drink directly onto the surface. If you have a dark wood coffee table then you would be sensible to provide plenty of coasters for people to use under their hot mugs. If you put enough of them on the table then your friends will hopefully recognise their importance. This is not to say that a table made of light coloured wood is not susceptible to stains and these should be treated in the same way, even if the stains and marks are not as noticeable.

Scratches that may occur on a dark wood coffee table can sometimes be hidden by the use of a colour stick which matches the wood of your particular table. These are available from most DIY stores and are inexpensive. Obviously they cannot cover the scar from a deep injury, but they can go a long way to covering over any surface scuffs and scratches. Regular treating of the table with a good quality product can also help to cover everyday knocks and wear and tear.

Although dark wood furniture in a busy room may not seem to be the most practical choice, it can provide a wonderfully warm and inviting space, espcially if your room is large and well lit. You can recreate a lovely classic "library" styled environment by the use of comfortable leather chairs, a dark wood coffee table, dark wood book shelves and classical prints. Very relaxing.