Darksiders II

The Second Comming

Darksiders II, published by THQ and developed by Vigil Games, is set to be released on August 14th, 2012. It’s rated mature, which is expected of an installment of The Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and this action-adventure seems really promising. The graphics and animations are that of a high-caliber game. The design of the dungeons in the second Darksiders is more vertical than the first, so you can climb walls, leap from ledges, and run across beams; that means you should explore everywhere as much as you can. In an interview with a developer, he mentioned that most of these new features were ones that they wanted to include in the first installment but couldn’t due to time restraints. The way the experience and level system works, the way the skill tree is set up, and being able to loot are all new aspects of the second game. 

Darksiders II will be set in the same time era as the first one. The major difference between the first release and the second is that players will control Horseman Death opposed to his brother, War. Compared to the first game, the second installment will feature a variety of new maps that double in size. Along with Horseman War, the game will also feature Horsemen Strife and Fury. Through Horseman Death, players will explore many dungeons and cities. There will be NPCs that offer side quests, too.  The storyline coincides with the first Darksiders. War, having been convicted and sent to Earth, feeds his brother’s rage. Horseman Death believes that War is a victim and he begins a personal mission to exonerate his brother’s name. Death goes into limbo, between Heaven and Hell, to ask for help. 

The skill tree allows players to have up to three points in each skill, making the skill more powerful, so players can decide if they want to focus on only a few skills or have a wide range of skills. This allows for intense customization on how to build Death. As mentioned, another new benefit of the second installment is the large, new map. There are so much open world areas and secret spots to find within these worlds, and so you get to start off with your horse, Despair, from the beginning. There’s also hub towns within the game, and they serve a few purposes. They show the new environment of the town, the new citizens, and it’s also where players usually gain new quests. You can also buy and sell equipment and train for new combat moves. 

As mentioned, the game is set to be released in August. The developers actually delayed the release, so you know that this game will be extremely polished and that they’ll pay attention to all those small details. An example of this is the first map – with the delay, they thought to add snow blowing in the wind. It’s these details that really bring a game to life. Needless to say, Darksiders II looks like it will be really fun and definitely comparable to the first game. I’d say that this is a game you don’t want to miss, especially if you played and loved the first one.