DarlaCat Productions

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In this article I want to share with you a brand new company who is currently taking no prisoners in the world of “creating your own work”. DarlaCat Productions is a brand new organization, started on January 22, 2011 which is owned and operated by Darla Delayne and Cat Migliaccio.

Cat Migliaccio has performed internationally with the University of Hertfordshire Drama Club, regionally with U.S. Actors Company and also in Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park. Currently she studies improv acting at the Magnet Theater and works as a clown doing face painting, kids magic and balloon animals.

Darla Delayne is a reoccuring cast member of Sunday Night Improv and has been seen in NBC's Friday Night Lights, Biography Channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories and Terrance Malick's The Tree of Life. The Spice and Love and Contempt are two TV pilots she is in as well as appearances on CollegeHumor and Onion. These accomplishments pale in comparison with her duties as a working mother of 4 children.

These two New York City actresses one day decided to take control of their careers and did what many performers do. They put together a company that would become a voice to their own ideas and give them the opportunity to portray roles that they liked, instead of waiting to hopefully be cast in them. This is a great example of actors creating their own work.

In addition to these talented young ladies, they have also enlisted help from other gifted individuals to work behind the scenes. These artists include Charles Gates, Cassandra McManus, Perry Katz, Jordan Siwek and Kelsey Bevins. DarlaCat Productions, so far has already produced 3 episodes of their first series “Morning Cup.” This series follows the lives of Patricia Jones-Smith(Darla Delayne) and Maggie Jones (Cat Migliaccio) while introducing the various characters of this sketch comedy.

This series has already developed a fan following in the New York City acting community and plans to launch other projects to expand their growing empire.  Both their Youtube Page and Twitter Page are great ways to follow the success of these ladies and stay tuned for more from these brilliant stars.