Darrelle Revis Jets Jersey

Show your Jets pride by putting on a Derrelle Revis Jets Jersey and leaving no doubt as to where you NFL allegiances lie.

Darrelle Revis has been shutting down the league's best receivers for years, and what a better way to shut down your friends and other-team fans than by showing up wearing the ultimate "shut down" uniform? Revis literally takes the other team's best players out of the passing game week in and week out, and by wearing a Darrelle Revis jersey, you're not just showing your Jets pride, you're making a statement: The Jets will shut down all opponents, any time, any place.

Buy A Darrelle Revis Jersey: Wear Number 24 In A Jets Uniform

Darrelle Revis Jets JerseyWhen game day rolls around, throw on the same jersey that Revis himself wears on the grid iron. They come in all shapes and sizes, so they'll fit the smallest kids and the biggest adults. And they're made by Reebok, the same company that makes the official NFL players' jerseys, so you're not getting a cheap knock-off, but instead a pro jersey that's nearly identical to the ones worn by the big boys on Sundays.

Not only will a Revis Jersey be the envy of your friends (assuming they're also Jets fans), but it will last for a long, long time. If they're strong enough to take the abuse of 300-pound linemen, they can take on just about anything else you'll throw at them.

The only hard part about wearing a Darrelle Revis jersey? Nobody will throw your direction all day long. So if you and your buddies toss food and beverages to each other during the games, you might find them looking for other alternatives, since we all know that any quarterback in his right mind won't throw towards anyone wearing the infamous number 24 Jets uniform.

Why Wear A Darrelle Revis Jersey?

Nobody strikes fear into an NFL quarterback like seeing Revis lined up on the other side of the ball. His sheer presence forces opposing coaches and coordinators to completely revise their game plans. They know he'll take their best player completely out of the game all by himself (usually without any help from safeties behind him). He is the purest form of a "shutdown corner," as he shuts down whoever he defends.

Sure you could wear another Jets player's jersey and still show your Jets pride, and that's totally fine. But you know that Revis will make a huge play at least once per game - how many other players do that?

Revis has blossomed in a modern NFL game where other corner backs have struggled. As league rules seemingly continue to favor offenses and receivers, the ability to completely cover a wide receiver in pure man-to-man coverage is almost impossible. Defenses have had to adjust by playing more zone coverages and keeping safeties behind the play (sometimes even using linebackers and defensive ends in the passing coverage as well). Revis is the only corner in the league who thrives in these conditions. And his ability to take guys completely out of the play opens up the defense for better blitzes and stunts.