Start 2014 Properly - Aim to Fail

It does not matter what your aim for 2014 is, it is highly likely that you are going to fail. I have taken that attitude so that I do not create a massive number of false ideas to win at everything on a shoestring budget.

There are loads of new InfoBarrel-ers out there so let me introduce myself - I am Darren and I failed last year. I wanted to start making some proper money online and I ended up giving away a lot of my services for free, in between lots of chaos of moving jobs, family changes and things that you really do not want to know about (and if you do hunt me down on Bubblews)

So let's start where we want to start off:

Dedicated Sites


Those of you active in the Squidoo thread on these forums will already know that I am completely underwhelmed with the needs and desires of the team behind the website. Original content with original images and a few of their Amazon modules simply were not good enough for them and 2000 word plus lenses went to waste.

That being said I had a lens which I thought got high enough to be a small payer in December alas I never got the magic payout banner. The ranking system must have adjusted and be tweeked to pay out much less than when I last get a lens that high!

I am not editing any of my lens to a massive degree anymore and as they all slowly get locked I let them lapse.


I published 3 articles in January and they have received a few views without any significant publicising. A total of 4352 words and earning me around $3. Something that catches me every time is that I start an article at the end of one month, publish it the next and it does not qualify for the Features Contest.... I really should draft content locally.


I have never really reported my progress on here before and so I will give you some starting figures so that I remember for next time. Today I have 72 posts which have earned me $31.91 and I have not cashed anything out yet because I was at $20 when they raised the bar to cash outs.

My posting to Bubblews is hit and miss. Two or three posts one day and nothing for a few more.

My Websites

DarrenCredit: Darren Whittenham-GrayI currently have 4 websites which are in various states of build.

  • The Golden Block - My original catch all site to direct people elsewhere. Not really designed for converting viewers
  • Build My Own Computer - I want to make this an authoritative site about building your own PC
  • Reuse Your Old Computer - Says what it does on the tin
  • 6 Grand 6 Months - We need to raise £6k in 6 Months for a deposit. I started off well but the wife forgets to contribute to it!

Over the course of the month I managed about £2 in Adsense and £1.01 in Amazon Affiliates on these. I also have Commission Junction on 1 site which has no income.


If anyone can take credit for me starting these reports again then it must be adragast who was the first earnings post I saw this month.

February Targets

  • Average of 1 Bubblews Post per day (28 in total)
  • 31 Points on InfoBarrel
  • Get Active on Writedge

I would like some inspiration this month. I know I want to write more about my "full-time" job, but I will have to get permission!