Nokia dku-5 data cable


- Offers a convenient solution for transfering and synchronizing your Nokia phone with your computer.
- Relatively cheap with many retailers selling the cable for under $10.


- Doesn't work with all Nokia's phones
- The cables don't work long before the start giving trouble.

Full Review

Nokia dku-5 data cableThe Nokia DKU-5 data USB cable is a proprietary data connection cable from Nokia. A person seeking a data connection solution for their Nokia phone must first check that their phone is compatible with the DKU-5 before making a purchase, as this cable is not compatible with all Nokia phones. The cable is compatible with the Nokia 6680, 6681, E60, E70, N70, N71, N90, N91 and N93 series of phones.
The Nokia DKU-5 data cable connects you phone to a computer via USB port and allow for data to be transferred or synchronized to and from the phone. The cable works in conjunction with the Nokia PC suite software that is usually supplied with the data cable or can be download from some sources online. As an added bonus, the cable can be used to charge the phone through a supported USB port and will work even when data is being transferred.

The cable works well initially, but will eventually start causing hardware error and connection error issues, after the cable has been used for a while. I believe this is caused when the wires in the cable become frayed from frequent use. The cable usually starts shorting out close to the end where the connectors are. Users can ensure they get longer service from the cable by resisting the compulsion of frequently moving the cable once it is connected to the phone or computer.

The Nokia DKU-5 data cable is a convenient way to connect your phone to a computer, especially if that phone will serve as a modem but for the life of me, I can't understand why Nokia still uses these proprietary solutions. A micro USB data cable would be much more reliable and easy to source. I guess it is so they can earn more from unfortunate Nokia phone owners.

In Closing