Beyond Cougar

Want to date a cougar? Well, why not? Dating older women is something that men have done since almost the beginning of time. But be warned – older women dating younger men want just that – men, not boys.

And while there may be one or two of these 'hot cougar women' that the media likes to portray out there, many older women dating younger men are not like that, so leave your stereotypes at home.

If you are going to date an older woman, it's important to be mature in your communication with her and clear on your expectations from the relationship. If you're just looking for something casual, don't tell her you're possibly after more. She will expect you to be adult and open with her.

Of course, dating a 'cougar' can be fun for both parties involved. An older woman is often more explicit in what she wants from a man, does not play games, is independent and has her own life, meaning she may not expect from you the same things as younger women do. However, be cautious if you're thinking of calling her a cougar to her face - not all women dating younger men like the term.

And in the bedroom, dating older women can be fun too. She's sure to know some tricks you don't, and you can teach her yours too. Older women are often more open and forthcoming when it comes to sex, which is a great thing for any young guy!

If you're going to take an older woman out on a date, then be sure to take her someplace classy and nice – she probably won't want to hang out with your frat boy mates or in the local student bar. Dinner needn't be expensive – just find some place local and intimate that does good food and where you can talk. Be kind, listen to her and pay attention to manners. She wants an evening out with a man, not a child, so take care to let your more mature side shine through. But then you're a younger guy – so don't be scared to have a little fun too – women dating younger men are often up for all kinds of fun activities – so long as that's not all that's on offer.

Where do you find these older women to date? Well, of course there are 'date a cougar' nights or cougar dating parties you could try approaching women. There are also cougar online dating sites especially for integenerational dating - toyboywarehouse is my favourite. The gym is another place you may find a cougar woman. Otherwise, try local wine bars, restaurants and events such as art galleries and concerts. And of course, most women love to shop, so at the mall is always a good bet.

Happy dating!

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