Large cities in California, such as Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, have a wide and varied selection of activities for dating couples to engage in. Unfortunately, the big city residents may lack the financial means to perform all the different activities, or they may desire to travel to the outlying towns. Small towns and other rural parts of California gladly welcome these big city folk. To entice visitors, they create events and day-trip ideas for the general public. However, talking to the local resident will reveal the best ideas. The below list is intended to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Take a Walk Along the Historic District

Historic District
Credit: Don O'Brien

Driving through California will reveal to observant travelers that most every small town has a commercial street called Main Street. These streets compromise the main history of the town, and some towns dress them up for visitors. Couples can stroll down these streets at their leisure, window shopping at the local shops and enjoying the fresh, clear outdoors. If a couple decides to avoid the heat during the summer, and if they have a little money to spend on treats and souvenirs, they can pop into the frozen yogurt shops or the local gift shops.

2. Eat at the Famed Local Restaurant

Credit: Robin Hall

Talking to small town residents often reveals at least one local restaurant that people from surrounding towns, sometimes from towns over an hour away, will attend frequently. Since the restaurant operates in a small town, visitors may want to check the restaurant’s availability to make sure they visit during open hours. On the other hand, the one famous restaurant in town will likely accommodate customers during regular open hours and provide them with hearty meals up until late in the evening. Since the rural towns in discussion are in California, a steak house may dominate the local restaurant business.

3. Set Up Camp on an Outlying Field

Camping in a Farmer's Orchard
Credit: Steve Cadman

Now, please, refrain from camping on just anyone’s field. But if big city visitors have farmer or rancher friends in rural California, then they may ask to camp in their open fields. Lighting a campfire may not be advisable, given the drought, but treat the event like a proper camping event. The campers can set up a tent, listen to the owls at dusk, tell ghost stories when night falls, and count the constellations when the stars light up the sky. Unlike an evening on the town, camping on an open field will create memories while saving the budget. Just make sure to bring some bug spray.

Make Sure to Enjoy Each Other's Company

Long Lake, California
Credit: jar

Nothing will make a date night in a small town more enjoyable than talking and spending quality time with the significant other. People on dates can share what they see, hear and smell. They can laugh at corny jokes and share local treats. Some small towns and rural areas may have large tourist attractions, such as a lake or river, where people boat, fish, and hike. Whatever the couple decides to do, they should remember: it’s who’s with them that counts.