Marriage counselors and self help gurus alike all talk about how important it is for couples to plan a fun date night, perhaps once a week, or more or less, depending upon your schedule and your partner’s schedule. Here are some tips for planning your next date night together. Hire a trusted babysitter or arrange for your children to be with family members or friends. Family time is also extremely important of course, but a date night is time for the two of you. 

Eating out at a nice restaurant and going to a movie are always great options, but why not try something the two of you don’t get to do very often, such as going to hear a band play or watch a comic perform. Sometimes a fun Date Night can actually take place during the daytime. What about getting massages together at a local day spa?

Try dipping strawberries and other fruit in melted chocolate and feeding it to each other. Throw in some champagne, and there is no need to go out anywhere. Go to a Karaoke bar together. Or, if you are shy and you prefer to sing together in private, play some Wii Rock Band together at home. It’s good, silly fun that will leave you both laughing. (Romance is important, but so is sharing a laugh.) Go to an amusement park together for a day of silly, childlike fun.

If the two of you enjoy books and reading, go to a poetry reading together. Or, write love poems for each other and read them aloud to each other. If you both enjoy physical exercise, why not go for a swim or take a bike ride or a hike together?If you live near water, take an evening cruise around your local harbor. Being out on the water with your sweetheart can be very romantic. 

Pack a picnic and go to a local park, where you can really get away from your worries and spend time focused on each other. Date nights are meant to be fun. If possible, try to keep the conversation light and romantic. Don’t talk too much about day to day challenges. (There is always time for more serious conversations outside of your date night.) 

If you live near an arboretum or a botanical gardens, take a long, leisurely stroll through the grounds and enjoy the exquisite natural beauty together. Give each other massages, neck rubs and foot rubs. Drink wine together in front of a crackling fire. Or grab your sleeping bags and head out to your backyard to listen to the night sounds and count stars together.

 The important thing is to use your date night to do something that is fun for both of you. Odds are that your time together as a couple is precious and rare, so be sure to enjoy it to the fullest! What you do on your date night is less important than the fact that you have made time for each other. In other words, you have both made the conscious choice to make your relationship with each other a top priority, and that’s what matters most of all.