One great strategy for keeping in touch with loved ones while in a long distance relationship is to make a regular 'date night' together. Sure, time zones mean it may be a 'date morning' for one of you, but committing to sharing a regular time each week with your loved one helps to ease the pain of separation and bring you closer as a couple.

A date night is the time where you both switch off the phone, TV and other distractions, and enjoy a quiet time with your long-distance love. Thanks to the power of the Internet, and the easy availability of video chats, you can spend an evening with your beloved. It's a time to catch up with the other's week, family news, and to plan for the future, and enjoy that one-on-one time that narrows the distance of separation and helps bond your relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Help for Date Night:

  • Make an effort and dress for the occasion. Remind your partner of what he/she is missing. Sweat pants and a tee are fine for regular chats, but for date night, make it special. Take care with hair and make up and try to look great – making the effort will help you feel great too, and make the moment special - all which helps make a long distance relationship work.
  • Choose a comfortable location. Assuming you'll be online for at least a few hours, be sure your webcam is well positioned and you're in a comfortable chair to while away the time. Wriggling about or sitting in a draughty hallway is not conducive to a good night!
  • Both cook meals before your video chat to share online. Spoil yourself with something nice to eat. Tell the other what you are eating, and take time to enjoy a meal together. It sounds crazy, and you may feel a little silly beforehand, but once you're both tucking in and enjoying your meals, you'll see it was worth the effort. Why not open a bottle and enjoy a glass of wine together too?
  • Dim the lights. Finding the balance can be tricky – webcams don't always pick up that soft candlelight you're aiming for, but a little manoeuvring and pre-planning can help to set the mood for your date.
  • Talk about the future, reminisce on the past. Remind your love of the things you did when you were together, and be sure to make plans for when you'll be together again. Reminding the other of your shared past helps strengthen bonds, and planning for what's ahead for you both as a couple is equally important.
  • Spice it up! You've enjoyed a nice dinner, and you're feeling relaxed from the wine and enjoying the intimacy of a romantic evening with your love. So why not take things to the next level. Remind him/her of how much you miss them and how great things are when you're together, with a little hot stuff! Cast aside those inhibitions and enjoy some real quality time together!

Being apart from the one you love is never easy, but making time together for a regular date night while you're apart can make a huge difference to help a long distance relationship work. Happy dating!