When you think of nannies you don't often think of them for a movie or a date do you? Most people think well no that is what a babysitter is for. Well sure you could use a babysitter, but you can also use a nanny service. Nanny services can assist you in finding the right nanny and set up your appointment for a night out on the town or even a high school reunion. When you have upcoming pre schedule appointments, having the freedom to make plans and the security to know someone will be there to provide your family with the best care in your absence is a great peace of mind. There is a variety of nanny services, each are different in the way they help you select the right nanny for your home, situation, children and comfort levels.

Some provide a data base with pictures and a short bio, education level, price range, and qualification. Other services get information from you and try to match you up with the right nanny to fit your needs. This all comes down to personal preference and service needed. Some nannies are available as a last minute assistant or care-on-call, other need advanced notice.

Most internet based nanny services will provide a database at a low monthly or yearly cost and some have plans in between. This fee provides you with a list of available nannies, whether they are looking for full or part time positions, base fees, a desired age level, and number of children they feel able to manage. Many services also provide a background check for viewing as well as verification. They also usually provide a contact or will contact on your behalf with your interest and job type. It is very important to take the time to research the background and do an informal first meeting to be sure it is a fit you feel comfortable with, preferably before you need them and have other available nannies just in case of illness or prior obligation. I suggest having a few last minute nanny numbers as well as some pre plan nannies so that you have a good mix depending on what your plans might be.

With competitive rates among different services and a verity of providers be sure to have clear set expectations and be forth coming with the chosen provider. If you expect the kids to be in bed by 7:30 and to have the children put the toys away and tidy and tidy the house before bed make sure they understand and are willing to follow those guidelines without issues. If you would like the nanny to be able to assist in certain clean up or have preplanned activities or commitments for your children be sure to leave information available that they can use to get to the locations and phone numbers and that they nanny is comfortable with getting these things done. Be sure they have a reliable mode of transportation to fit your family, if not are you willing to allow them the use of your vehicle? Be sure to think through your requirements and prepare appropriately to minimize the difficulty for everyone.

Having another option when you need to take a well deserved break, or for important functions are a great relief and nannies are definitely an option to fill that need. They are available in most location and there is usual a nanny for every budget and need. Be sure to check out services in your area.