Are you looking to increase your chances of getting a second date with that hot woman that you just took out for dinner? Then read on to learn tips that will help you land that second date.

You need to make it your job to get to know her. You want to know as much about her as you can. Ask thoughtful questions and listen to her when she talks. Keep most of the attention on her rather than talking about yourself the whole time. This will show a woman that you care about her and wish to get to know more about her.

You want to be confident but not cocky. She wants to know that she is with a strong, assertive man and not a brash and rude guy. Most women take cockiness for a sign of insecurity and a guy who is hiding something deep inside.

Try to compliment her as much as possible on things like her hair, perfume, or her outfit. You will definitely score points for noticing the details. Don't come off as sounding corny but just give her genuine compliments and make her feel special.

You need to be polite and be a gentleman. You should open the door for her and pull out the seat for her. Be sure to offer her your coat if it starts raining too. This lets her know that you are gentleman who knows how to treat a woman.

Keep your cell phone on vibrate so you can devote your full attention to her. Don't take calls or texts and don't check your Facebook every 5 minutes. There's no bigger way to turn a woman off than by being distracted or occupied with your phone with possibly another woman.

You should never bring up your ex in the conversation or how many girls you have talked to in the past. Also, don't talk and brag about yourself all night long. This is the quickest way to turn off a women.

Lastly don't go overboard with the teasing and flirting. This may annoy her. Also, don't pressure her into having sex if she isn't ready to or insist on her staying at your place the first night.

Tell her you had a good time, give her a hug and a kiss depending on how much the two of you connected and say your good byes. Now wait for her to call you back. This is the most important step to getting the second date!!! Don't call her or text her until she makes the call or texts you. When she does, don't make it seem like you were dying for her to call you. This will make you more unattractive to her and definitely show her that you are a corn ball and a needy, clingy guy.

These tips will help you get that coveted second date!!! Good Luck!