Common sense and confidence can help you attract women


Having a high level of self confidence is something that many women desire in a man. What is it exactly about a man's confidence that women find so appealing?  When a male has a firm belief in his abilities and knows what he wants out of life, it makes a woman feel safe and secure to be with him. The feeling of security is something every woman desires in a relationship and is why they prefer to be with a gentleman who is confident in himself and his future.


There are many women who find men with winning personalities to be quite irresistible. Just being in the presence of an individual who smiles frequently and has a great a sense of humor is enough to lift our spirits and make us feel alive and vibrant. Nobody wants to be in the company of people who act as if there is impending doom just around the corner. Having an optimistic personality and the ability to make people laugh is a very effective trait to use to your advantage if your goal is to attract women.


When it comes to dating advice, nothing can be more important than being honest with the women you date. If you're looking for a relationship that has substance and meaning, it would be in your best interests to be upfront and honest about who you are and what you are looking for. There is no reason to mislead the person you are dating because at some point in the relationship all will be revealed and I can guarantee you it won't be pleasant. If you truly want to find happiness, speak from your heart and your dating experiences will be well worth your while.



One very effective way of attracting women is to wear stylish clothing that fits you well. Females are very conscious about the clothes they choose to wear so you can be sure they will be taking a good look at what you have on. If your clothes are wrinkled and dirty, you haven't got a chance at getting to first base with any woman. In fact, you won't even be allowed to play in the game! If you're having difficulty learning about which clothes are in fashion, it would be a good idea to pick up several men's magazines which can be of great help in guiding you as to what the latest fashions are.


No article on dating advice would be complete without mentioning the importance of proper hygiene. If attracting women is what you truly desire, then it is absolutely necessary to make sure that you smell and look clean at all times. This means showering on a daily basis and keeping your nails and hair looking neat. Wearing cologne that is not too overpowering is a very effective way of getting women to want to be closer to you. One last thing about hygiene is to be sure to brush and floss. Having particles of food caught between your yellow teeth is not a good look. 


The most important thing to keep in mind is that dating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for two people to learn about each other. If you remember to just stay relaxed and focus on the person you are with, everything else will fall into place and that's when magic happens!