There are as many types of geeks and nerds as there are muggles in the world.  But finding YOUR geek to date doesn't have to be that hard.  Geeks really aren't that different from the rest of the world.  Except we're intelligent, curious, romantic... Ok, maybe we are different from the rest of the world.

You have strengths and weaknesses like anyone else.  These tips will help you tap into your geek powers to attract the right kind of girls or guys.  Then you don't have to fake it or hide your passions because they'll be right there with you.

Here's some dating advice tips to get the nerd girl or geek guy of your dreams.

1. Go to the right places.  Don't think you have meet people at a bar.  Are the people you want to meet at the bar?  Of course not.  Head out for places where people you like congregate and you're more likely to actually find someone who likes you too.  Cons, geek Meetups, tech museums, and the like.  A few years ago I performed at a breast cancer benefit put on by an online radio station that had a heavy gaming geek audience.  By the end of the event everyone there was linked up whether they came with someone or not.

2. Be direct.  We geeks are naturally shy creatures.  It's much easier to admire from afar and carry that torch long into the night.  Unfortunately, that won't get you a date.  It's much better to say, "Hey, I think you're pretty nifty and I'd like to take you on a date."  Don't be arrogant about it, but don't beat around the bush either.  Plus it's way easier to pull this off if you haven't been carrying that torch for months.  If he/she says no, you haven't invested THAT much energy yet.

3. Caveat to #2.  Don't always believe in "love at first sight".  I always had this tendency too.  Head over heels right off the bat.  Planning the wedding before the first date.  Wondering what you'll name your kids before dessert has even arrived.  Remember that you're dating.  Let it get serious on its own and try not come on too hardcore right out of the gate.  If the other person isn't on the same page yet it can scare them a bit.

4. Share your passions.  You like to nerd out something and so does your prospective other.  Nerds love passions and like to share and be shared with.  Be enthused about what they're into and they'll be enthused about your geekdom too.  If they conflict a little... Like say, she's way into Superman and he idolizes Aquaman (if there is such a person)... Don't be afraid to engage in a little good natured, geek-powered tete-a-tete on the merits of each.   Geeks of both sexes love to debate the trivialities of their favorites.

5. Practice. Don't be afraid of being shot down.  If you haven't invested months of pining away, you'll be able to shrug it off pretty quick and get on to the next guy or girl that strikes your fancy.  You don't learn the Makashi style of lighstsaber combat over night.  The more talk with people and bring up the idea of a date, the more comfortable you'll be with it.

In fact, practice talking to the opposite sex without having a date in mind.  You'll get your practice and it could lead somewhere you don't expect!

Geek dating is not the minefield you might think.  Be yourself and socialize with people that have a similar worldview and you're more likely to find that other human being with a complete collection of Sailor Moon stickers.