The best dating advice for women that I can give you is this: make sure you are choosing a person to date for the right reasons. Most of us have had a friend, or two, who was a "loser magnet". Many times they would ask why they always ended up with losers, the sad thing is that they ended up with losers because on some level that's what they attracted.

Now I know that many people will take exception to what I just said, but don't because it's true. If you really look  at the type of women who end up with one loser guy after another (to be clear, I'm not talking about getting involved with a dud every now and then, it happens. What I'm talking about is a pattern).

If you look at the person who always seems to date the wrong guys you will probably see some common traits:

1. More than likely this women has some insecurity issues. It doesn't matter how accomplished she may be in her career or how attractive she may be, insecurity can strike anyone.

2. A loser magnet often feels "lucky" to have someone to the point where they ignore the obvious signs that the person they are with isn't someone they should be with.

3. Many times these women will be desperate for any type of love they can find. They are often very willing to make excuses for the way their guys treat them. They will accept the blame for the issues in their relationships even though it's obvious for all to see that the majority of the fault lies elsewhere.

To avoid getting stuck in a crappy relationship, my dating advice for women, or really anyone for that matter, is to address your own issues before you head out to the dating pool. If you have some issues from past relationships or from your childhood try to deal with those first.

A relationship will only be as sound and stable as the two people who are in it. You don't want to be the one who is the "weak link" just because you have past hurts that you've never dealt with.

To increase the odds of having a good, loving, stable and respectful relationship, make sure that you are able to have a good, loving, stable and respectful relationship.  You can't control others, but you can control yourself. Start there. 

I hope that this dating advice for women will help you get in touch with whatever issues you may have so that you can find a solution. You may not ever totally get rid of your issues, but as long as you recognize what those issues are and don't let them rule you, you will be ok.