The Date.

When on the date, follow her lead to the best of your ability.

Does she want to go dancing? Try it.

Horseback riding? Barring any physical ailments you may have, I say go with it.

Mini golf? Show her how to putt, even if she knows how to golf already. Or maybe you can ask her for help. Work on that swing.

If you're the one planning the date, think outside the box. Pay attention to context clues in previous conversation. Has she mentioned that she likes birds? Take her to the park during the day. Is she a fitness freak? Go for a hike, if you can handle it.

While paying attention to her and whether she is having a good time, periodically check in with your own comfort level as well. Be honest. If you're giving a new activity a chance on her behalf and you're having a terrible time despite all efforts, she will notice. She will most likely turn to you and ask if you're having fun. In all reality, she can see the answer on your face. If you are not having a good time along with her, she will sense it. (Women are finely tuned to pick up on these things.) So don't let your mouth say 'Yes' when your narrowed eyes, crossed arms, and general aura are all but shouting 'No'. And please don't just bail. Suggesting to relocate the date may ensure that the night might just end well and you can see this lady again. 

Bringing a gift for your date is a charming gesture indeed. Women love little gifts given for no reason whatsoever. It could be too early to select a fragrance or jewelry for your date, but there are other options to consider as well.

Try a twist on a few old favorite mementoes. Perhaps a potted plant instead of cut flowers, or a bag of her favorite sweets from the candy shop (all red Gummi bears!!) in place of chocolates in a heart-shaped box. You will again need to heed contextual cues mentioned in passing to gauge what in particular will spark her interest and delight. 

If paying for date expenses has all but tapped out your funds and you still want to bring a little present (you charmer, you!) make her something. Rely on any inherent talent you may have. Are you a music lover? Greet her at the door with a song. Artist? Paint or sketch her something. Writers may craft a poem, anecdote, or if the fancy strikes and time allows, a short story that she may read after your spectacular night out. 

Homemade gifts sound cheesy, I know. But most women truly do appreciate the little things in life.