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Also, keep in mind that the best ebooks aren't exclusive to this list. We have a variety of Dating Ebooks that we've reviewed on our website. Each review is high quality and we our honest in our opinions. As for this review here are a few of the best dating ebooks on the web. The list isn't in any particular order and some ebooks are gender specific.

Seduction Genie

Our first ebook is specifically for women. It's called Seduction Genie and it was written by Amy Waterman who is currently a best selling dating ebook author. She is currently a relationship guru and an authority for information on dating. As for her ebook, it was written to help women seduce more men. Seduction genie walks you through a variety of information and teaches you a lot. With Seduction Genie you'll learn what makes you attractive, the basics of self care that your man will notice, and much more. This ebooks teaches you how you can build your confidence as a many to a comfortable level that's attractive to men. This is definitely an ebook I would encourage women to look into reading.

The Four Elements of Game

The Four Elements of Game is an ebook written by Rob Judge. This is also a best selling ebook in the dating category. This ebook teaches men four simple behaviors that women find irresistible. This is the perfect ebook for guys that have trouble with dating women. Overall the ebook has helped men be the ladies man that they've always wanted to be. Reading this ebook will transform your game and teach you the truth about dating. With this ebook you'll have the information you need to finally be successful with women. Keep that in mind if you ever need an information product on dating ebooks.