Sometimes, actually many times, things in life can get pretty screwed up. No where is that more true than with relationships. Many times we find ourselves right back where we started from and you may at some point be faced with the questions of whether you should start dating ex boyfriend again.

The truth is that sometimes that can be a great idea and sometimes it can be the worst decision you ever made. There is no firm answer but there are a few things you can consider that might help you figure it out and make a better decision.

It's way too easy to want to reunite with an ex if not a lot of time has gone by and you haven't met someone new and you are lonely. Even though it's easy to fall into this trap, it's still a trap and a bad idea.

It's also a bad idea to want to start dating ex boyfriend again just because you heard he is seeing someone else. Neither of these scenarios are likely to end well, it's best to avoid doing either one.

If, on the other hand, the two of you have been apart for a while and you know that even though you may not like being alone, that you are ok on your own and not just desperate and scared, dating ex boyfriend may actually have it's advantages.

For one thing the two of you already know each other and you already know you have a lot in common. This can actually be a pro and a con. It can make the whole "getting to know each other" stage much quicker but if both of you just fall back into your old negative patterns of behavior you will only start fighting and things will fall apart all over again. This time it will happen very quickly.

If both of you are mature enough to talk and try to work together to fix whatever issues you had before that drove you apart, you might be able to make it not only work this time but make it so much better than it was before. Now you can both fully appreciate each other and the bond you have.

Working together to find solutions to your issues can make all the difference in the world. The saying "you don't know what you've got until it's gone" would apply here. You had each other, you lost each other and now, hopefully, you can each appreciate each other and be more willing to work together.

So, dating ex boyfriend, yes or no? If you and your ex are able to act like grown ups and forget the past mistakes and each make needed changes, than by all means, yes go for it.