How to Date Beautiful Women
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Are you annoyed by the attitude that comes with talking to or dating certain women?

Well, here's 3 fresh perspectives that you'll find helpful.  

1. Understand That You're In Control!

Are you the type of guy that accepts whatever life hands him?  Is your Facebook relationship status always single?  It's up to you to become a strong man who is in control of his own life.  The only way to have a successful relationship with a woman is to have a strong  relationship with yourself.

Once you have learned to respect yourself, you will convey the way you feel about yourself outwards to the women in your life, which brings us to the next point:

2. She Will Only Act High Maintenance if You Let Her

In any relationship, both parties have something to lose; most people date because they have something to gain from the person they're seeing.  With that in mind, if your date acts foolishly, it is your responsibility to assert your feelings, otherwise she will assume you're OK with her acting in a manner that you're not OK with.

Let's consider an example: If at dinner she innocently flirts with the cute guy at the table across from you, don't flip out.  Instead, just point her attention back to the date, and ask her to tell you an interesting story about her.  Take a genuine interest in her.  Pick a subject, and ask her how she feels about it, and don't stop until you've actually learned something about her.

A more serious example is: if she starts flirting with the guy and starts paying him more attention than she's giving you or she's exchanging phone numbers / Facebook information, and you're unhappy with this, you've got enough grounds to assert yourself.  

A man who doesn't respect himself might let her keep flirting in hopes of "being cool".  A man with self-respect will calmly point out that he isn't happy with her behaviour. 

A simple way to point this out to her is by discreetly asking her "Would you like me to leave the two of you alone?  I'm more than happy to pay my share of the bill and catch a movie with some friends.".  

Asking her discreetly is important because everyone's idea of "a date" is different so she might not realize she's crossed a line, and it is important that you allow your date to save face.  Asking her calmly and assertively shows that you're not mad at her, but rather that you don't appreciate her behaviour.  

3. Stay in Control

Staying calm and collected in tricky situations like the examples listed, is a strong skill set to have.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, women want to know that they're dating a man.  Typically, a strong male is assertive and commands respect from everyone in his life.  Weak males aka "nice guys" tend to let everyone walk all over them.

From an historic anthropological perspective, strong males had character traits which ensured survival, so over time it has become instinct to women in choosing their mates to choose males with strong characteristics.

Key Takeaways

While this article is tailored around "dating", the core of this information is rooted in becoming a better man.  Become the best man you can be, respect yourself, take care of yourself, love those around you, become a great conversationalist, do things you love, be financially independent, and the women will come.  

If these tips helped you, maybe now you can look at changing that Facebook relationship status from single to taken!

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