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Warm weather has a tendency to affect how people feel. Some people love to bask in the heat and eagerly embrace the opportunity, while others may get frustrated and/or cranky. Whether you love the hot temps or hate them, when it comes to dating, the balmy weather doesn't have to be a deterrent. Despite any sultry temperatures, with a bit of planning, hot weather and hot dates can go hand-in-hand.

Dating in the warmer seasons of the year might pose a challenge due to extreme temperatures and high humidity, but there are many great things to do for summer dates. Ideally, you want to "think cool" and then figure out what kind of outing you and your date would enjoy.

The first thing to do is decide whether you want to spend your time indoors or outdoors. There are pros and cons to both kinds of summer dates; it is best to consider how your date feels about sweltering temperatures and let that guide your decision on where to go. Once deciding indoors or out, brainstorm some ideas. Here are a few to get started with:

Outdoor Activities

In the event outdoor temperatures don't bother your date, there are many outings that, while hot, can cool you down when needed. Great outdoor activities can be a trip to the beach, a pool, or if these aren't adventurous enough for you, head off to a water park. But this is all standard stuff.  If you want to try something a little different, if your date is up for it,  maybe consider being more daring and go water or jet skiing.

If water sports don't appeal to you or your date, consider going for a romantic or friendly picnic in the mountains or perhaps a hike in a woodsy state park.

Want to go a bit off the beaten path when it comes to date ideas? If you live in the vicinity of any caverns or if one is within driving range, these are great places to spend time in the summer due to the naturally steady cooler temps inside these natural phenomenon. You get to see Mother Nature's handiwork, along with learning some science and history on these tours. Not your standard type of date, but it keeps things fun and is a little different.

Taken in Skyline Caverns
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Taken in 2009 at Skyline Caverns, Front Royal, Virginia

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Stay Cool Indoors

If the outdoorsy and active ideas aren't what you or your date had in mind, there are many great places to go to that are housed indoors, and likely air-conditioned. Great dates can be found in bowling, skating, pool halls or arcades. For a quieter event, museums, a tour of a historic home, or a romantic restaurant can set a nice tone that offsets the heat outside. Of course, a meal and a movie is always a good traditional stand-by for a date. Whatever you choose, you can stop off for ice cream, iced coffee/tea, smoothies, a cold beer or other preferred drink, to complete your outing.

Playing a game of pool
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Game of pool anyone?

What to Wear?

When it's hot, comfort is just as important, if not more, than style. If you are heading to a location that is not water-based, be sure to wear cool, lightweight and loose-fitting clothing that is both weather and date appropriate. 1 You don't want to feel uncomfortable, and definitely do not want to look sweaty with your date.

Breathable materials, such as cotton or linens, are ideal. For women, skirts and summer dresses are stylish, and nowadays both genders can easily pull off wearing shorts. You don't want to spend your date distracted by sticky and itchy clothing in warm temperatures.

Whether you are in a serious relationship, or just having a summer fling, there are tons of great ideas that are appropriate for a warm weather date. All you need to do is consider interests, examine local options and then don't forget to bring the water!


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Couple having fun
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Summer heat doesn't have to be a deterrent, there are lots of things you can do during the hot months of the year.  The main thing? Be creative and have fun!