We know the recession has caused women to reevaluate what we will accept as a date. In an attempt to hold on to that last dollar, dating and courtship has morphed into a shadow of its former self. Gone are the days when men set out to impress a women. Some dating situations women have found themselves in make you want to enter a convent and never date again.

A recently documented trend in this turbulent economic climate involves men who live with their ex wives and girlfriends. The couple lives together long after the relationship is supposedly over. The official explanation for this strange living situation is that neither party can afford to move on. Another justification involves the man having a heart and not wanting to put their ex-significant other on the street. A noble gesture indeed. This heroic gesture will put whoever enters the picture in the middle of a very strange dynamic. Ask yourself this one question- can anyone still residing with their ex be over them emotionally?

In this situation, run away! This person who wants the best of both worlds. They want the convenience of a live-in housekeeper, cook and sometimes call girl. They can come be with you for a change of scenery and experience the spice of variety. Men living with their exes can never commit to you. The ex will never understand and accept that the relationship is over while still living with him and possibly having intimate relations. Ask yourself will they even want to commit once their ex finally leaves and they have a sense of freedom.

Another sign of recession era dating is the return of dinner and a movie-in your living room. Remember the days of dinner and a movie? You would actually have a bite to eat and see the inside of a theater. The ridiculously high cost of theater tickets and astronomical price of movie theater food has encouraged the Red Box date. Enjoy a new release in crystal clear flat screen with dinner on the couch. As a woman, this as a date screams you didn't value me enough to take me out in public. It also implies I might have to fight off your attempts at sex later. Definitely a no-go.

What's the answer? Women understand that everyone is saving money where they can. There are ways to impress dates without spending a lot of money or looking like a tremendous cheapskate. Picnics, parks, even taking a walk show a young lady you care without her feeling like you have other motives. Men might want to stop dating for a while if they cant provide a young lady with an appropriate experience.