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I just have this strange feeling radiating in my...

So you've been set up with this girl that your friend recommended, your friend barely knows her, but he thought she was cute. You take her to a nice restaurant and the date starts off all right, but soon it turns bad, really, really bad and you have this gut feeling that you should run away and QUICKLY. This probably happens rarely, but it is important to know when you should be cautious of getting into a relationship with someone that you have a weird feeling about. Here are some tips for when it is a good idea to end a date quickly:

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Step 1

My ex blah blah blah...

Does your date automatically start talking about their ex on your first date? You try to change the subject, but somehow everything you say can somehow relate to their previous relationship. I'd say this is a good time to call it quits. It is clear that your date is still emotionally attached to someone else and it will most likely be a long and hard road for this person to overcome their feelings. You could try to make it work, and go on a second or third date, but eventually you'll be tired of hearing about why so-and-so dumped them.

Step 2

Why are you so rude?

If your date is rude to the waiter at the restaurant, especially for no reason, I would consider that a good time to leave. They don't respect people, clearly. If they are rude to one person, then they will most likely be rude to anyone else who would be in the waiters position.

Step 3

My longest relationship was a week long!

If you're both discussing how long your previous relationships lasted, and your date says they've dated a lot of people, but none of the relationships were longer than a few months. GOODBYE. I can tell you right now that if you got into a relationship with this person, you would be broken up in a few months. They just want a fling, and they aren't ready to settle (especially if they're 30+).

Step 4

No, they like you, really!

You meet your date's children and all of a sudden, you find glue in your chair, you're tripping over xbox controllers that have mysterious been tied to the wall as a trap, and finding gum in your hair. I would say this is a good time to head for the hills. Especially if the date defends their children, instead of realizing that they are actually trying to kill you.

Step 5

She's a gold digger.

If your male date doesn't decide to pay for your meal on the first date, I'd say drop him like a hat. However, if your date is female and she shows signs of being high maintenance, or a daddy's girl who gets whatever she wants, or perhaps she just really likes money, definitely, run while you still can. Unless, of course, you don't mind that type of thing. I would say most people do, though. Why date someone when it's clear they want a lifestyle that is not always attainable?

Step 6

having a bad date

I have to put my what in where?!?

If the first time you have sex, it is bad, this isn't a red flag, but if you have sex a few times, I'd say it is. Sometimes, sex can improve in relationships, as long as both partners are willing to try to improve it. However, sometimes there are those dates that think they are really good at sex, and they actually aren't. In that case, I would say that they probably won't believe you when you tell them that you've had better.
These are just a few things that you should watch out for when dating, but there are always exceptions and who am I to decide who you should date? Just be careful and be aware of who you're seeing if they show any of these signs.

Tips & Warnings

WARNING: Watch out for creepers.