Dating Tips: 7 Secrets of eye Contact

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     Have you ever seen other people use their eyes to communicate with another person from across the room? Have you ever wondered how to catch the eye of your potential partner and communicate to them more emotion, in one brief glance, than you could say in volumes of text? Well you need to learn some of the secrets of eye contact and how it can lead you to the person of your dreams. Your eyes are very important when it comes to attraction and you can do some wonderful things with them. Here are seven secrets of eye contact that you can try to incorporate into your bag of tricks.

  • Love me eyes: This is where you try to express “come over here and kiss me”, just with your eyes. It becomes easy to do and with a little practice you can appear enamored with anyone.
  • Locked on eyes: This is where you act as if your pupils are stuck to that person and you cannot tear your eyes away from them. They find you very reluctant to take your eyes off them and it implies that you are already falling for them.
  • Wandering eyes: Do not do this immediately, but wait until initial contact has been made. Then you can let your eyes wander over their more attractive features, implying to them that you like what you see.
  • Devious eyes: People are attracted to someone who seems a little devious, adding a spice to the romantic attraction. When you’re talking to the person; laughing and having fun. Give them the devious eyes and they will ignite their curiosity. What you are saying is, “I know something you don’t know”, adding fun and flirtation into the mix.
  • Smiling eyes: This is almost self explanatory, simply when you’re smiling also smile with your eyes. It implies a genuine quality in you and communicates to them that you truly are amused by their jokes.
  • Inquisitive eyes: Look inquisitive when listening to people. It shows that you are interested in what they are saying. If they notice your eyes are wandering all over the place when spoken too; they will leave unimpressed with you.
  • Bad girl/boy eyes:  This is a look like no other and people instantly know what you’re up too when they see it. The look in your eyes defines you as a woman or man, and conveys raw sexual power combined with a hint of danger; just what our libido needs! If you are wide eyed and wandering it will make you look like you lack confidence or direction.

    There are many ways we can use our eyes to convey just about any emotion. It has been said that “the eyes are the gateway to the soul” and that is certainly true in nearly every case; zombies notwithstanding. So practice these tips and try to incorporate them into your routine; you will find that people are more responsive and attracted to you. Good Luck!