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Maybe you are a guy that is all about being in serious relationships. Maybe you’re a guy who likes to keep it cool and play the scene. Or maybe you are a guy who does not date a lot and wants to change that. No matter who you are, there are certain rules that you should keep in mind when hitting the dating scene.

Dress To Date

This should go without saying, but when you go out on a date, make your first impression a lasting impression with the clothes you choose to wear.  No woman wants to date a guy whose shoes were purchased 5 years ago or who is wearing a suit that is a size too large.  You want to put your best foot forward and that initial date in her mind sets the tone.  By looking messy and unkempt; you give off the appearance that you cannot take care of yourself – so how would you ever take care of her?

Plan To Talk

When on a date, the most uncomfortable moments are the ones filled with silence.  Don't let silence make a potential great date seem awkward.   Think about some interesting topics from the news or some of your hobbies that you might want to share with that someone special, this will give you a good start.  Try to stay away from anything to controversial. Current events are a good place to go as it shows that you are paying attention to the world around you.  Being a great communicator is an attractive quality in a man.

Keep Drinking To A Minimum

Having a drink or two on a date is just fine. However, going past that point is usually a bad idea. Many men will drink when they are nervous because it makes them feel stronger and more confident. However, what it really does it make you look like a lush in front of the women you are trying to impress.  Drinking and dating do not mix – at least not in the beginning!

Listen Carefully

This cannot be stressed enough. Even if your date is talking about something that doesn't hold your interest, make this an opportunity to sharpen your listening skills.  A woman loves a man who she can talk to and who will actually pay attention to what she is saying. Do not just pretend to be paying attention. Throw some questions back at her that relates to what she has just said. This shows her you are really listening.

Let The Past Be The Past

When people get into a more serious place in their relationship, it is natural for them to share details about their past. These details are not meant for a new dating relationship though. No woman wants to hear about your ex girlfriend's perfect hair and sparkling eyes.   They are definitely interested in how she cleaned out your bank account and left you for your best friend. By sharing these stories during the initial dating phase you end up looking weak or still in love with your ex; neither of which is going to send the right signal.  So keep it simple and let the past stay there.

Use common sense above all else. Women want to have good conversation and fun during the date, so make that your priority. If you would be uncomfortable with something, she will be too.  Remember, dress to look your best, let the past stay there, and by all means listen to what she has to say.