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Lovers have many ways of expressing their feelings in a relationship.  It can be the way they touch, speak with each other or just enjoying each other’s presence.  There are also times when the gifts that they give to one another show how important the other person is to them.   Many people are not good at gift giving.  Despite their best efforts, their choices are poor and sometimes disappointing to their mates.  How do make sure you get the right gift?  What other things are important to remember as it relates to gift giving?

1.       Ask Questions.  It is important to ask questions about your mate’s likes and dislikes.  More times than not they will tell you what they want.  If you want to surprise them, you may try asking someone close to them like their best friend or parent.  They may be able to give you some insight as to what would be a good gift.

2.      Pay Attention.  Some of the best gifts I’ve ever given to my husband have been from hearing him complain about something he needs or watching him ponder something he wants to buy in a store.  This type of attentiveness pays off when it’s time to make your purchase.  If you see that your significant other is always tense, a gift certificate for a massage may be the perfect gift or if you notice they are always losing their keys, then a key whistler may be ideal.  I think you get the picture so be alert.

3.      From The Heart.  Write a love letter or poetry to go along with your gift.  That personal touch lets your mate know that you cared enough to add a little something special to their present.  Sometimes those words alone can make a bad gift seem like the best gift in the world.  So get out that pen and paper and say “I Love You” in your own way.

4.      Take Them Away.  If you are not sure about what type of gift they like and want to do something a little different; take them on a picnic to some place special or take them on a vacation.  That time spent alone can mean more than any gift you could ever buy in a store.  Plan ahead and make it enjoyable for both of you.  And remember, if you have ever heard them talk about a place they would like to visit, that could be a good start.

5.      Think Outside The Box (Intimate).  Valentine’s Day, and Birthday’s are most synonymous with flowers and dinner.  Be creative and do something that your significant other would never imagine.  Get his or her favorite movie, along with popcorn and soda and celebrate together in bed; you could even add a new set of pajamas or his and hers robes.  You could buy food and prepare a special dinner at home (think aphrodisiacs) with your song playing in the background.  Whatever works for your relationship, try it.

6.      Hobbies.  Find out what things your mate enjoys doing in their spare time and buy something that compliments it.  If she likes exercising, you could buy her a new workout video or a kettle bell.  If he likes bowling, a new pair of bowling shoes or a bowling ball with his named engraved on it could be ideal.

7.      Remember the Occasion.  Don’t forget about those important dates like birthdays, anniversary, etc.  If you give the gift after that special day, no matter how nice it is, it won’t mean as much.  Put a reminder in your phone or on your calendar so that you don’t miss that import date.

8.      Not too soon.  Make sure the relationship is going somewhere before you start giving expensive gifts.  Gifts that are given too early could lead to a misunderstanding as to where the relationship is really going.  You want someone to love you for whom you are, not what you can give them.

9.      Re-gifting.  Never give someone you are in a relationship with a gift that was given to you by someone else.  There was a story that I heard from a friend a few years back of an ex-fiancee that gave her an engagement ring that was returned to him from a previous ex.  She was very hurt and disappointed when the truth finally came out.  Needless to say, he is now Ex-history as well.  So the moral of the story is, no re-gifting.

10.  Greatest Gift.  Your love is the greatest gift that you could ever give to another human being.  No matter what other gifts that you purchase, none will top this.  So give it openly, honestly and without fear of the future.  Only in loving this way will you be able to receive the love you deserve.

The giving of gifts should be a joy for couples.  Get to know the person that you are involved with and you will always know what to give them.  Be thoughtful, pay attention, and don’t forget the special occasions.  These small steps can make you an expert at giving the perfect give and make you forever memorable to your significant other.