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You have finally met the perfect guy or girl.  They have all the qualities that you have been looking for in a mate.  All of your friends have heard so much about them that they think they know them as well as you do.  Every time the two of you are together you never want the time to end.  Everything would be perfect except for one little problem; you live in two different states or even worse two different countries.  How do you keep the relationship going when you two are living far away from each other?

  1.  Keep in touch.  When you are not seeing your mate regularly you have to use other methods to keep the lines of communication open.  With the technology of today; you can almost feel as if the two of you are sharing the same space.  Skype is a great way to see each other every day.  This will help keep the feeling of closeness alive.  You can also email each other daily; call each other, and text.  These advances in technology can help you advance your relationship.
  2. Clarify the expectations.  One of the most important parts of a long distance relationship is understanding the terms.  Are the two of you monogamous?  Have you decided to see other people?  What are the boundaries of the relationship?  These questions should be answered before you dive into a long distance relationship.  Trust is a major part of any relationship and unless you have a clear grasp on each other’s expectations; disaster could strike. 
  3. Make A Move.  At some point in a long distance relationship; a decision must be made about the living arrangements.  Someone will eventually have to move in order to solidify the union.  Make sure that you both understand what consequences are involved in such an endeavor.  Before either one of you begins a planned move, you need to have a very solid foundation for your relationship.  Remember, someone giving up their home and job to relocate is serious.  Don’t allow someone to make a decision based on misleading information.
  4. Expenses.  Both parties need to be equally responsible for the expenses involved in the travel costs of seeing each other.  No one should feel obligated to pay for all the trips to and from your state or theirs.  Be fair and realistic.  If you don’t have the money needed to travel frequently and your mate is not wealthy; then you need to discuss other options.  As long as you both agree on how to pay for everything your excursions will be smooth and stress free.
  5. Frequent Visits.  Speaking of travel expenses; it is important that the two of you visit each other as often as possible; especially on special occasions.  These are the types of actions that show your long distance partner how much you care.  Take the time to plan vacations or visits and then have fun.  This will give both of you something to look forward to and will help bring you closer together.
  6. Priority.  This like any other relationship must be shown priority.  The two of you need to make sure you are doing whatever you can to show the other mate how much they mean to you.  Send small gifts, e-cards, and keep them abreast of your activities.  In distance relationships making the partner feel valuable and loved is number one in sustaining a happy, healthy love affair. 

A long distance relationship is a very special arrangement.  It requires two people to trust, love and treat each other with the highest respect; sight unseen.  If this is the type of relationship you are involved in, put forth the effort to validate and support your mate as much as possible.  By making them a priority, staying in touch, and taking frequent trips to see each other; you can succeed.  This type of commitment often leads to “Happily Ever After.”